Florida Governor Vows to Help Trump Fight Castro Regime

Trump Fight Castro Regime
“I do not think it’s good for our country to spoil a dictator like Raul Castro,” he said.(Martí Noticias)

EspañolGovernor of Florida Rick Scott has offered to help US President Donald Trump reverse the country’s approach to relations with Cuba.

“I do not think it’s good for our country to spoil a dictator like Raul Castro,” he said. “I want to work with the Trump administration on what would be the right policy.”

The politician also mentioned that in his opinion, President of Cuba Raul Castro does not believe in democracy or freedom and stated that he hoped Trump would renegotiate with Havana soon.


“My impression is that they are working on what they are going to do,” he said, when asked about future policy plans.

Though the governor of Florida did not specify what approach he would recommend, he stated that his intention is to close off business with Cuba.

Scott recently threatened to withhold money from Florida ports that do business with the communist island, demanding that the $176 million established for ports go to businesses not associated with Cuba.

“I am disappointed that Florida ports have reached any agreement with the Cuban dictatorship,” he tweeted.

Scott has also gone on the record saying he will propose tax cuts totaling $618 million in 2018. The recommendation will be presented to the state Congress in the coming months.

The proposal includes a 25-percent cut in sales tax on commercial property rentals.

Sources: Cubanet; Diario de Cuba.

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