Ecuador’s Democratic Left Candidate Rules Out Backing Ruling Party in Upcoming Elections

Ecuador's Democratic Left
Paco Moncayo is a presidential candidate in Ecuador’s upcoming elections (elorito).

EspañolEcuador Presidential candidate Paco Moncayo of the Democratic Left  denied rumors about his alleged support for PAIS Alliance candidate Lenin Moreno.

“I would never support Lenin Moreno!” Moncayo said through his Twitter account. “I’m a democrat. I will never support a repressive and authoritarian system like Correa’s, let alone support a corrupt system that still hasn’t provided a list of who took Odebrecht bribes.”

He reiterated later that he does not support corruption of authoritarianism, “neither today’s nor yesterday’s corruption.”

Moncayo said Lasso’s friends are afraid because he will be included in the second round of voting, which is why, in his opinion, they created a campaign against him.

“They know I’m going to go to reach the second round, so now they came up with the story that I’m going to support Lenin Moreno. How can I support Lenin Moreno if I’m going to be in the second round?”

He specifically called out the newspaper Telégrafo and its “hoaxes,” telling his followers and other potential voters to ignore them.


Several polls were published last week indicating that Moreno has a 10-point lead over his closest rival, the banker Guillermo Lasso.

Source: La República; Metroecuador.

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