Ecuador Vice President Denies Corruption in Oil Sales to China

Ecuador Vice President Denies Corruption in Oil Sales to China
Jorge Glas said he has been preparing for these attacks. (el mercurio).

EspañolEcuador Vice President Jorge Glas denied corruption allegations made against him, calling them part of a “dirty campaign.”

“They are trying to muddle my administration, which was honest, efficient and changed the country’s history. The people know it and that is why it supports us!” Glas, of the Alianza País party, said on his Twitter.

He showed a document from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries that denied there was a report on losses in the oil negotiations with Petrochina.


“We have not lost US $4 billion or any amount in the international oil negotiations with Petrochina,” he said. “That’s another one of Capaya and Villavicencio’s lies, repeated by Bucaram, without any evidence.”

This came in response to accusations made by presidential candidate for the Ecuador Strength party Abdalla Bucaram Pulley, who said Glas participated in acts of corruption in the sale of oil to companies like Petrochina.

“The President of the Republic (Rafael Correa) was aware of this robbery led by Vice President Jorge Glas, who by executive decree was appointed as the president’s delegate for strategy on Petroecuador‘s board,” Bucaram said.

He cited a a letter signed by Carlos Pareja Yannuzzelli on August 19th, 2008 that told the president they were going to negotiate around US $5 billion in oil, at an average of US $120 million for 365 days. Five companies were allegedly selected, among them Petrochina.

“I am the most audited politician in history,” Glas said, pointing out that the State Comptroller General has conducted two audits on him, his wife and children.

Glas said he has nothing to hide, and added that since he saw these attacks coming, he had requested information from 140 countries, of which 10 have answered that he owns no assets, real estate or companies.

Source: La República; El Universo; El Comercio.

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