Maduro Regime Censors Colombian TV Series Critical of Hugo Chávez

The RCN series El Comandante has ruffled feathers in Venezuela, where the government has banned it (
The RCN series El Comandante has ruffled feathers in Venezuela, where the government has banned it (Primicias 24).

Venezuelan media has denounced that the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) has banned the El Comandante series, inspired by the life of the late President Hugo Chavez.

The series, which premiered yesterday in Colombia on national channel RCN will not be accessible on Venezuelan television screens.

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In fact, Conatel decided to start a campaign on Twitter with the label #AquiNoSeHablaMalDeChavez to incite protests over the TV channels that transmit the series.

“Let’s report to @conatel if the” El Comandante “series is broadcast on any cable operator. Identify the city, the network, the channel number, time of transmission, and screen shots,” the institution wrote through the social network.

#AquiNoSeHablaMalDeChavez Report #Conatel if any cable provider insults the Legacy of Hugo Chávez by transmitting series “El Comandate” #Venezuela

– Conatel Venezuela (@Conatel) January 31, 2017

The signal from the Colombian TV channel was blocked just before the series premiere, at 11pm.

Twitter users reported the problem through their accounts warning that the Venezuelan government was interfering with the broadcast.

They blocked the RCN signal here in Venezuela they are hiding the inevitable. This government violates the right to freedom of the press! #Commander

#Denuncia: in Venezuela cable operators are cutting the signal from @CanalRCN by transmission of #ElComandante Censorship!

For its part, the television channel apologized to its users for not being able to broadcast the series, citing “agreement with the telecommunications law,” according to some users of Twitter.

The explanation of the cable company in #LaGrita justifying the censorship of the channel #Rcn of its programming so that it is not seen #ElComandante

The series El Comandante consists of 60 chapters and is a production of Sony Pictures Television, starring Colombian actor Andrés Parra, who received recognition for embodying Colombian narco-trafficker Pablo Escobar in another production.

The international series has generated much controversy; in fact, recently the ex-wife of the deceased president, Marisabel Rodríguez threatened to sue the television network Sony Pictures Television.

“If I had money I would sue Sony, although perhaps, I will do just that nonetheless,” Rodriguez wrote.

Sources: El Nacional, Sumarium

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