Ecuador: Presidential Candidate Stands up for Venezuelan Democracy

Opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso has promised to call attention to the dire situation in Venezuela (
Opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso has promised to call attention to the dire situation in Venezuela (Vistazo).


Presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso, head of the Movement Creating Opportunities (CREO) political party, announced that “when he is president” he will ask the Organization of American States to take the necessary measures to restore democracy in Venezuela.

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“When I am President, in accordance with Article 20 of its charter, I will request that the OAS convene a meeting of the governments of South America in order to take the necessary measures to restore democracy, civil liberties, and human rights in the Bolivarian homeland,” Said Lasso.

“The governments of Latin America can not continue to ignore the humanitarian tragedy that the people of Venezuela live every day,” he added.

“Nor can they continue to ignore the fact that in Venezuela the rule of law, democracy, and the constitutional rights, freedoms, and guarantees defined in the Inter-American Democratic Charter have disappeared,” he said.

Lasso, an opposition candidate, is running in Ecuador’s presidential elections, which will be held on Sunday, February 19, 2017.

Many political pundits have suggested that Lasso is the opposition candidate with the best chance to reach the second round, but still place the ruling party’s candidate Lenin Moreno in first place, according to the polls.

Lenin Moreno served five years as current President Rafael Correa, who is stepping down this year in order to pursue academia in Europe.

Lasso “will be able to consolidate the support of the majority of opposition voters, although supporters on the left will be more difficult to persuade,” suggests a report by political consultant Eurasia.

Venezuela, on the other hand, is a country that lives in political, economic, and social crisis.

On Monday, January 9, the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN) declared, after a nominal vote, that president Nicolás Maduro had failed to discharge his Constitutional duties. According to the Venezuelan Constitution, this implies that there should be new elections in the next 30 days.

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