Peru and China Sign New Trade Deals to Boost Cooperation

"I thank the visit of president Xi Jingping to Peru, I expect that the historic relationship that binds our countries brings prosperity" (diariocorreo)
“I thank the visit of president Xi Jingping to Peru, I expect that the historic relationship that binds our countries brings prosperity” (diariocorreo)


Peru and China have signed a series of bilateral agreements to allow for mutual development intended to optimize free trade between the two countries.

Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) and China’s President Xi Jinping signed bilateral agreements during a meeting about commercial exchange. The Chinese offered to finance a train in South America that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, in turn joining Brazil, Bolivia and Peru.

The meeting came after the Asia-Pacific Cooperation Forum (APEC) was held in Lima, during which a total of 18 agreements were signed.

Among the most important agreements are: a strategic mechanism for dialogue on economic cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru and the National Development and Reform Commission of China; an agreement for the cooperation of industrial zones and for strengthening the mining sector and the optimization of the FTA.

The agreements were signed by Peruvian Chancellor Ricardo Luna and the Ministers of Production Bruno Giuffra, Minister of Agriculture Juan Manuel Hernández, Minister of the Environment Elsa Galarza and Minister of Energy and Mines Gonzalo Tamayo — along with all of their Chinese counterparts.

“I am grateful for the visit from President Xi Jinping to Peru and I hope that the historic relationship that unites our countries brings prosperity,” the Peruvian leader wrote through his official Twitter account at the conclusion of the meeting.

The president of China went to Peru’s Congress, where he was received by the members of the Board of Directors, chaired by Luz Salgado — as well as by Head of the Foreign Relations Commission Juan Carlos Del Águila — to be decorated with the Medal of Honor.

“The future that awaits us is full of positive expectations,” he said. “An example of which is the agreement of the Ministry of Foreign Trade to send the first shipment of Peruvian blueberries and prawns to Shanghai in direct flight, which is a milestone in bilateral trade relations of which we should congratulate ourselves.”

Sources: El Comercio; Gestión; RPP.

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