Socialists of the World Unite in Ecuador to Lick their Wounds

Alleged attacks from right-wing groups against the left were denounced (Nación)
Socialists claim there have attacks from right-wing groups against the left. (Nación)

EspañolLeaders of leftist parties from 24 countries gathered in Ecuador starting Wednesday, September 28 to denounce an alleged opposition plan against progressive governments.

The three-day meeting was convened by President Rafael Correa under the title “Latin American Progressive Summit.”

President Jose Mujica of Uruguay, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez and the leader of the Spanish party Podemos Pablo Iglesias are all reportedly attending.

Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera of Bolivia is expected to attend as well, in addition to Vice Minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China Liu Hongcai, Head of International Relations for the Communist Party of Cuba José Ramón Balaguer.

There are also delegates for the Workers’ Party of Brazil, Bolivia’s Socialism Movement and the Communist Party of Chile, among others.

Executive Secretary of the Ecuadorian movement Alianza País Doris Solis announced that “more than 80 parties, movements and political organizations of the Latin American left and the world will be gathered in Quito.”

The meeting will also be attended by delegations from Latin America and the Caribbean, the United States, Canada and other nations of the world such as France, Belgium and Vietnam.

Governments like Venezuela and Ecuador have repeatedly denounced alleged assaults by sectors of the right against the left, which is reportedly one of the topics on the meeting’s agenda.

The peace process in Colombia will also reportedly be discussed, as well as “a new Condor Plan” against progressive administrations of the region.

The Condor Plan was implemented in the 1970s by military dictatorships of the Southern Cone to coordinate the eradication of leftist opponents.

“They are attempts … to weaken and try to defeat progressive processes,” Solis said.

Sources: El Nuevo Herald; Sumarium.

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