Jailed Chilean Journalist Arbitrarily Moved to Venezuelan State Prison

"My father's hair was shaved, he was dressed in prison uniform. Treated like a criminal. Why is he being treated like he was in trial?" clases de periodismo)
“My father’s hair was shaved, and he was dressed in a prison uniform,” his children tweeted, (clases de periodismo)

EspañolChilean journalist Braulio Jatar has reportedly been transferred from Venezuela’s Bolivarian Intelligence Service to a state prison in Guarico, according to his lawyer Diomedes Potentini.

Jater, who is an editor for the publication Confidential Report, was moved there by request of the Ministry of the Penitentiary.

Venezuelan law does not provide much explanation for why someone would be transferred, except that it is legal to do so, though his attorney said it may have to do with the Summit of Non-Aligned Countries coming up this month.

Potentini said Venezuela is supposed to inform relatives should a detainee be moved to a different prison, but they were not.

The Jatar family confirmed the transfer through Twitter, adding also that Jatar is being treated like a criminal despite not being proven guilty of anything.

The Government of Chile released a statement urging Venezuelan authorities to ensure “minimum standards be observed in any detention” because the communicator also has Chilean passport.

Braulio Jatar, 58, was arrested on Margarita Island after a video broadcast showed violent crowds taking action against Nicolás Maduro. However, his charges are reportedly for money laundering.


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