FARC Guerrilla Throws Full Support Behind Venezuela’s Dictatorship

FARC leader Timochenko has thrown his full weight behind Maduro in the wake of a tumultuous week of protests (
FARC leader Timochenko has thrown his full weight behind Maduro in the wake of a tumultuous week of protests (YouTube).

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) issued a statement on April 20 in which they expressed their support for Nicolás Maduro and the “Bolivarian Revolution” in Venezuela despite the crisis in that country and the opposition protests in which twenty people have died.

Timochenko, the FARC’s top leader, signed the communiqué in which Venezuela’s opposition to paramilitarism in Colombia is compared to a guerrilla effort to discredit those opposed to the Maduro regime. In addition, he affirms that not everything that the media shows in Colombia is true and calls upon his associates to better inform themselves.

The FARC acknowledged that the Venezuelan government has made mistakes, yet considers that these can be solved, and blames the force of “neoliberalism” for desiring to destabilize a government that they consider democratic and suggested that the Colombian political class was in no position of moral authority to give lessons on democracy.

Venezuela is only the closest example, of how through that beautiful experiment in democracy and tolerance, a government builds an economic and political alternative to the neoliberal design. Through the manipulation of part of the population immersed in impatience, the barbarism of an extreme criminal right is united,” says the communiqué.

However, the statistics pertinent to the Venezuelan regime and the thousands of people on the streets seem to prove otherwise. In addition, the repression of the protests has caused several deaths and many people injured, which has destabilized a Venezuelan government that has already been asked by more than eleven nations to hold elections to reestablish democratic order as necessary steps to overcome the crisis.

The FARC continues to strongly back its ideological ally to the east, alleging that, “in the midst of such confusion created by those who own the capital and the land, the FARC can not remain silent for the sake of gaining sympathy. We support Nicolás Maduro Moros and the Bolivarian revolution, denounce the criminal onslaught they are victims of, and we call on the Colombian people not to be deceived.”

Source: FARC-EP

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