Colombian Left Forms New Alliance, with Eye on 2018 Presidency

Claudia Lopez
Fiery Senator Claudia Lopez has attempted to unite Colombia’s fractured left-wing (Claudia-Lopez)

EspañolGreen Party Senator Claudia López has made a public call for a new coalition for the Colombian left, seeking to unite like-minded candidates to create an alliance to combat corruption in Colombia. She has raised concerns regarding the potential to divide the Colombian left, which, according to her, would greatly aid the campaign of current Vice President Germán Vargas Lleras, a potential presidential candidate who is widely seen as inheriting Santos‘ center-right mantle, and would start the race as one of the clear front-runners.

The iconoclastic Senator has invited colleagues Jorge Robledo (Polo Democrático), Sergio Fajardo (Green Alliance), Clara López (Polo Democrático) and Antonio Navarro (Green Alliance). Thus far, two have responded: Robledo, who is one of the most recognized figures of the Colombian left, and Antonio Navarro, ex-governor of Narino department, and an ex-militant of the M-19 guerrilla group.

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These two candidates, although they spoke of cooperation, ruled out uniting their respective parties. Despite the efforts at uniting the Colombian left-wing, the current political situation still spells great potential for division, as Robledo has already announced his candidacy for the Polo Democrático, and it is rumored that Antonio Navarro could also aspire to the presidency.

However, in a recent interview with newspaper El Tiempo, Claudia López suggested that the initiative to form said alliance was in fact spearheaded by Antonio Navarro, who has stated that now that the internal conflict with the FARC has been solved, that it is time to wage a war against corruption at the national level.

The issue of corruption is shaping up to play a major role in the 2018 presidential elections, as several corruption scandals have recently been uncovered, including that of the multinational Odebrecht. Yesterday, ex-deputy minister Gabriel García pleaded guilty to taking a bribe and is in jail awaiting his sentencing.

Source: El Espectador

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