Colombia’s President Wins Nobel Peace Prize Despite Referendum Failure

El presidente Juan Manuel Santos recibió el premio a pesar de la victoria del 'no' en el plebiscito (YouTube)
President Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. (YouTube)

EspañolColombia President Juan Manuel Santos received the Nobel Peace Prize this week for his efforts to bring an end to the 50-year civil war between the government and the guerilla group FARC.

Santos won the award even after the referendum to approve the peace deal settled with FARC in Havana was voted down by the Colombian people.

The prize committee in Oslo said the award is a tribute to those who still believe that peace is possible despite the large setbacks and difficulties faced by the country. It additionally recognized other major participants in the FARC peace talks. The prize was also a tribute to the victims of the fighting.



Santos wins against all odds

Following the victory of “no” in the referendum, the Director of Investigations for the Nobel Peace Prize Committee Noruega Kristian Berg Harpbiken said that Santos would no longer be nominated. However, the president came out the winner nonetheless.

The organization said Santos was still able to win because he had guaranteed that the country’s citizens were able to express their individual views about the controversial agreement.

The committee urged FARC to maintain its bilateral ceasefire that currently exists in Colombia and which was extended by Santos until October 31.

Currently, politicians in favor of the peace deal are looking for ways to have a re-vote so that the agreement can still go through.


Supporters and critic took to social media alike in response to Santos’ win.

Source: El Tiempo

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