Colombia Readies Block Against Uber, But Not Without a Fight

The Colombian government has tried several times to block the Uber service and other similar apps like Cabify (YouTube)
The Colombian government has tried several times to block Uber and Cabify (YouTube)

EspañolColombia is planning a new legal offensive against Uber.

During the tenth National Congress of Passenger Transport held in Pereira Friday, August 2, Deputy Minister of Transport Alejandro Maya confirmed that the Ministry of Transport is preparing to work through the courts to lock out the platform.

The deputy minister said Uber is facilitating an illegal transport service that should be blocked, adding that he is in favor of technological innovation but only when it doesn’t violate the law.

Maya also said there is no difference between what Uber and an application developed to sell smuggled goods.

Uber responded to the announcement with a statement saying progress is only possible through the acceptance of change, and that it is necessary to defend the rights of citizens; in this case, the right to have an alternative, safer and more reliable way to get around as well as a flexible opportunity for income.

“Colombian law provides for the principle of network neutrality, stating clearly that no application can be blocked,” an official within Colombia’s Communication Technologies said, adding that “the only exceptions to that rule are applications or pages devoted to child pornography.”

Maya said in a recent speech that there is an emergency plan in place against Uber, as well as new fines for those found to be using it.

Uber has made clear that there is no law forbidding their operation in Colombia; however, they recognize that the need regulation does exist.

Source: El Tiempo

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