Colombian Peace Process Goes Sour as FARC Leader Won’t Apologize for Crimes


Timochenko, top Farc negotiator, said he regrets none of his actions (YouTube)
Timochenko said he regrets none of his actions. (YouTube)

Español Top FARC leader Timochenko announced in an interview that he won’t be apologizing for any of the crimes committed by his guerrilla group, and regrets none of his actions.

Among the crimes committed by FARC guerrillas include murder, kidnappings, land theft, drug dealing, among others that all add up to what has been officially considered crimes against humanity.

The interviewer asked Timochenko on television if he wanted to apologize for the deep wounds he caused the country, and Timochenko responded by saying the crimes were committed in a war context, so he doesn’t have to apologize.

“This hasn’t been my problem of FARC’s. It’s the dynamic of war. When you ask for forgiveness it’s because you regret something. I don’t regret anything I did in the guerrillas.”

Afterward, he said there were some specific situations in which FARC acted incorrectly. In that case he said a case-by-case examination had to be made.

“If in a specific moment we analyze one fact in context and we say: man, we made a mistake, we were wrong. That’s different.”

Regarding kidnappings, Timochenko said he considered those people “prisoners of war” and thus would not apologize for that either.

Source: Cablenoticias 

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