Lorenzo Mendoza Has the Goods to Turn Venezuela Around

EspañolLorenzo Mendoza is a gentleman. Brought up in a close-knit family and educated in the finest institutions in Venezuela and abroad, he received years of training in publicly held companies in the United States and in Europe — all preparing him to do what he does today: head perhaps the largest and most diverse family business based in Venezuela.

It is not often one comes across an individual with his pedigree whose manner includes humility and sensitivity to the needs of others. He commands respect, not merely because of his position but rather because of the way he treats everyone around him.

Lorenzo Mendoza has the potential to be one of Venezuela's key leaders on the path out of this disaster. (Wikimedia)
Lorenzo Mendoza has the potential to be one of Venezuela’s key leaders on the path out of this disaster. (Wikimedia)

The government in Venezuela is determined to convert the country into Cuba’s communist satellite, which is not only diametrically opposed to what an ample majority of the population wants, it also, and not less importantly, contravenes the country’s constitution.

No doubt it conspires against the private sector and the concept of economic liberties where anything not fully controlled by the government becomes a disturbance. The mere size and importance of Mendoza’s group of companies clearly becomes a stone in the government’s shoe, as economic power competes disloyally with the very primitive vision this dictatorial regime.

Being Lorenzo Mendoza in today’s Venezuela comes with a huge cost, but even in the light of these difficulties and having the wherewithal to be elsewhere, Lorenzo and his family remain in Venezuela, setting a proud example of business leadership and personal commitment to a brighter future.

In a recent meeting with a few of the 30,000 employee in the group, Lorenzo was asked why he remained in Venezuela given the current reality. His answer was taped by someone in the audience, uploaded to the internet and has since gone viral: he is committed to remaining in the country, together with all those countrymen who do not have the option to go elsewhere.


Once this nightmare is over, and everything points to the fact that this will occur sooner rather than later, it is going to take Lorenzo and a great number of others who are decidedly bent on being part of transforming this disaster area into a modern, developing nation, with opportunities for all. The primary focus will be sensibly raising the educational standards and elevating the standard of living of the average Venezuelan.

Edited by Fergus Hodgson.

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