Nobody Left to Blame

We have an individual occupying the presidency who doggedly refuses to submit his birth certificate, to put to rest any suggestion that he might not have been born in Venezuela. Not having been born in Venezuela would raise a constitutional problem regarding the legitimacy of his presidency, but it is merely another issue in a long list of items conveniently swept under the political rug to assure continuity of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Having been hand picked by the “Eternal Commander” to succeed him seems to bring with it the right to lie and cheat in the name of the common good. It is almost as if some sort of divine light leads to a path above and beyond the rule of law.

With democratic institutions sequestered, firm control of the Petro-checkbook ensures, at least for the moment, that nobody will be rocking the boat. On the other hand, in the eyes of the common citizen, the cronies positioning for a seat at the table, and a chance to reap the economic rewards for loyalty that evidently go along with it, seem to be eroding the credibility of the party behind the throne.

With the economic scenario in a tailspin, personal insecurity at an all-time high, and corruption at levels never before experienced, the country is clearly out of control. Leadership originates in Havana and disperses as it reaches our shores. The band keeps playing, but the ship is sinking.

Perhaps the fellow at the top might do well to show his birth certificate and seek an early and easier out. Almost 15 years of chaos have brought the country to its knees, but worst of all for those who are in power is that there is nobody else to blame.

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