Fresh Lies


btn-spanish-blogThe interim President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has picked up some bad habits from his predecessor and along the way has fine-tuned his verbal gymnastics to try to convince us that somebody wants to assassinate him. Among some of his other unproven accusations: the real winner of the elections of April 14 has promoted violence, has slain innocent citizens, and together with other high ranking members of the opposition is coordinating a coup d’état with Washington.

This is a difficult time, when Venezuelans seek leadership, orientation, and signs of security and development looking to the future. “Prime time” is being utilized for these banalities which are mere perverse illusions of those who receive instructions from Havana and which in the end do nothing to resolve the real issues facing the country.

How will we face the highest inflation rate in Latin America and perhaps the world? Can we reverse the spiraling trend of personal insecurity rampant in the country? Shall we have the foreign exchange necessary to assure a return to normalcy in production of goods and services? Shall we be able to revamp our educational system in order to permit us to aim for competitiveness and sustained development? How will we be able to provide jobs for the 500,000 Venezuelans that come into the job market every year?

These are the issues that Venezuelans need to address and not the creative product of the State’s communications apparatus which bombards us with its fresh lies.

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