Venezuela: Fertile Ground for an Uncertain Future

By: Joel Fensch - Jul 3, 2013, 3:27 pm

Events in Brazil and in Egypt further evidence that when governments do not heed the needs of the people, changes are most likely to occur. Venezuela is a case where a slow burn could quickly erupt into a dramatic conflict at the drop of a hat.

Fourteen years of blatantly ignoring the rule of law, outlandish spending and corruption, manipulated elections, and general disregard for democratic principles, have resulted in a very cramped economic situation previously unseen in this oil-rich nation.

Whether one is for or against the Chavez syndrome, from all sides there are clear signs of exhaustion with a government that has spent its time campaigning, ignoring the basic needs of society, and imposing its unworkable Cuban style vision of nation building.

Today, a new President, bent on legitimizing his status after a questioned election that has yet to be addressed by the electoral authorities, has spent a great deal of time cruising the world seeking and doling out favors in hopes of being accepted into the club.

Venezuelans have been patient, but even the most gratifying of circumstances has its limits.

Joel Fensch Joel Fensch

Editor of InsightSur, Fensch covers geopolitical and historical events in Latin America with the PanAm Post.