Janet Hinostroza of Ecuador Wins International Journalism Award

Janet Hinostroza. Source: Committee to Protect Journalists.

On Thursday, Janet Hinostroza was one of four journalists worldwide to receive the “International Award for Freedom of the Press” from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). The other recipients come from similarly precarious climates for an independent press: Turkey, Vietnam, and Egypt.

Last year, Hinostroza received threats when she exposed an alleged corruption case, and even had to take time off from her program “La Mañana de 24 Horas.” As reported by CPJ:

Hinostroza had recently investigated a scandal involving a loan by a state-owned bank to a businessman who defaulted. Her reporting uncovered irregularities in the loan and connected the businessman to the then-head of Ecuador’s central bank [Pedro Delgado], who was President Rafael Correa’s cousin.

In addition to what appeared to be criminal loans, Ecuadorians learned that Delgado had lied about possessing a degree in economics. While he is now an unpunished fugitive and seemingly enjoying life in Florida, government officials have consistently preempted her show with mandatory rebuttals and attacked her network, Teleamazonas, with multiple investigations.

Regarding the journalists awarded, Joel Simon, executive director of CPJ, said, “At a time when information has become a global asset, these four journalists have defied censorship and persecution to give us the news.”

CPJ will present the awards on November 26 at a charity dinner in New York City.

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