Mizzou and the Antidote to Occupy Hooliganism

University of Missouri students and staff joined together in recent weeks to demand the resignation of the university president. The protests and demands were for a series of “racist incidents” that occurred on campus and his alleged weak response.

What happened? Well someone called someone a name and someone else (who was never identified) created a swastika with human feces in a dorm. While these are a far cry from the beatings and dog attacks and the lack of voting rights and access to education of the civil-rights era, they were important enough to shut down the football program and later the campus itself. In fact, the whole thing is really focusing on unnamed “injustices” on the campus.

Since the university president has resigned, there is no real point in going into further details about the original non-issues surrounding the controversy. Yet Mizzou, as it is commonly referred to, has given us yet another window into progressive thinking.

First, injustice. Be it social justice, climate justice, or racial justice, following anything with “justice” is a progressive code word for “we are planning to take your stuff and your rights in the name of anything emotional, but really we are just being greedy and want more power.”

Second, since race is really an important issue to the group “concerned students 1950” (my gut tells me this was spearheaded by an outside organization, but I haven’t found it yet), you would think that respect for people of color would be really important.

Yeah, not so much. As the video below shows, even minorities are not respected if they are on the wrong side of the tracks. In this case, the control site for the protest.

This is typical progressive thinking. Don’t push me, while I push you. Don’t crowd me, while I crowd you. Get out of my personal space, the same space you occupied a minute ago, which I invaded.

This isn’t about civil rights. This isn’t about justice. This is the latest chapter in the communist “occupy” movement. Shout down free speech; shut down free movement; demand action for nothing; and then contradict everything you just said.

Why don’t they want media near their command site? Because they don’t want media listening in to their strategy meetings. In groups like this, they literally brainstorm things to complain about or how to create the next crisis that will warrant the next action.

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Now that the sharks have been fed, they will go into a feeding frenzy nationwide at other campuses. So I have some advice for other school administrators when the latest version of occupy hits their campus.

If students don’t show up for class, expel them.

If football players refuse to play, kick them off the team.

If professors (who appear to be violating the Stafford Act by participating in political activity) join the students in shutting down the school, fire them — seniority and union status be damned.

Why should we ever show them the kind of courtesy and respect they never show to conservatives, libertarians, Tea Party members, the media, or even the law?

Progressives are winning. America is falling. If you fail to stand up to these kinds of protests and simply resign in defeat for doing nothing, you have surrendered freedom itself.

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