MGTOW: Join the Puerto Rico Independence Movement!

A bold new step for men's rights: a breakaway island nation. (The Island)
A bold new step for men’s rights: a breakaway island nation. (The Island)

EspañolIf you’ve been using social media of late, it’s almost impossible that you won’t have come across the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement. It’s a response to decades of feminist legal and social hypocrisy and what is often referred to as “gynocentrism.”

Within MGTOW and the men’s-rights movement are plenty of former husbands and fathers who have been left hopeless and sometimes homeless by family-and-divorce court. So bad is the situation that the term “divorce rape” was created to explain what happens to men when they get divorced.

The men’s-rights movement has spawned a host of websites and YouTube channels like A Voice for Men, Return of Kings,, and Sargon of Akkad, a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers. It has also created the likes of JudgyBitch and GirlWritesWhat: women who have become famous for fighting for men’s rights.

While the Marxist left and feminists fight hard to create the image of perpetual victimhood among women and false allegations about a rape culture, men suffer more and more in the Western world. From Australia to Europe, to the United States and Canada, men are left with fewer and fewer rights and less and less money.

There is no question that women are the privileged class in western society. MGTOW and men’s-rights groups get this clearly and have been fighting for some time to try to make changes. However, influence peddlers in society have strongly opposed these efforts, and very little progress has been made to make men equal under the law.

Plentiful fish, equal rights. (The Island)
Plentiful fish, equal rights. (The Island)

I submit that all lobbying efforts, protests, petitions, and campaigns will not achieve equality in our time.

There is only one way for men to be equal today: to hold sovereign authority to establish the constitution of a new country that prohibits the kinds of inequalities that men face in today’s world.

Freedom Island

Part of my proposal for a free country in Puerto Rico includes a constitutional prohibition against alimony. It requires joint custody and time for children after divorce or for children born out of wedlock. It prescribes a percentage-based child support system that automatically adjusts as income goes up or down regardless of cause.

It also requires women to pay the father, during the six months out of every year that the child or children are with the father — or both parties could agree to pay no child support at all.

In order to accomplish this goal of creating an independent country within Puerto Rico, I would need 200,000 MGTOW and men’s-rights supporters to sign the petition for Puerto Rican independence within the next year. Those who sign would then need to move to eastern Puerto Rico and register to vote.

Once in place, independence would be two years or less away, via the creation of a breakaway island nation or region. Upon independence and enactment of the interim constitution, all requirements to pay alimony would cease.

In order to make the entire island independent, we would need over a million supporters.

If you are tired of being treated unfairly as a man and are a US citizen, you should take five minutes and sign this petition. Others are welcome, but only citizens can vote in Puerto Rico.

It will cost you nothing to sign, but it offers you and many others hope for a future where men and women are treated equally in terms of rights and responsibilities.

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