The Code of Free Men and Women


I am a free person; I am born into liberty as a natural consequence of my existence.

My well-being is my responsibility; I will not ask others to work on my behalf, nor tolerate those who seek to force me to work on theirs. I am responsible for the things I do and those things that I fail to do, the choices I make and those I fail to make. I will choose to give or not to give to charity, and how and when and to whom and why.

I reserve for myself the right to privacy and will not seek the consent or the approval of others for my private choices and actions; nor will I tolerate those who demand of me my consent or approval, or the consent or approval of others for their choices or lifestyles.

I will live by my own moral code and defend the right of others to live by theirs. I will worship my God in my way, and defend the rights of others to worship or choose not to worship. I will never use government to impose my moral code, nor tolerate those who attempt to use government to impose theirs.

I will choose with whom I associate, or engage with in life or in business. I will not tolerate those who demand I associate with them, especially if that demand comes under the threat of force or government power.

I will speak for myself and defend the right of others to speak for themselves. I will defend the right of free expression, even for those with whom I vehemently disagree.

I reserve for myself the right of self-defense, and support that right for all others.

I will never use government to force others to do my bidding, nor tolerate those who seek to do so.

I will never support nor tolerate those who organize to take my freedom or the freedom of others. I will not tolerate slavery or the enslavement of others; and I will never be a slave to any person or government.

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