More Reasons to Deny Global Warming

EspañolTurns out the climate scientists fanatics are contradicting themselves again. While fake information like the so-called “hockey stick” graph indicated that the earth has never been warmer than under human influence, advocates are now using the fact that the earth was much warmer in the distant past — before man appeared on the planet — to prove the dangers of man-made global warming.

Wait … what?

A report in Live Science, reported on by by Yahoo News, attempts to do exactly that. The report indicates that CO2 levels were five times higher during the dinosaur age, when humans didn’t exist. The result was vastly higher temperatures than exist today.

Using a new technique to measure CO2 in the Jurassic period, some 200+ million years ago, scientists argue that tectonic plate movement caused an increase in volcanic activity. This then increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, leading to a much hotter and more humid earth, that — oh, by the way — was teaming with life.

The report goes on to say that human beings are producing more CO2 than all of the volcanoes on earth, which appears to be less than the total number of volcanoes during the Jurassic period. In other words, we aren’t producing that much CO2 at all by comparison to the time of the dinosaurs. There are currently about 1,500 volcanoes on earth, but the Jurassic period’s tectonic movement created thousands of volcanoes that erupted for 600 thousand years.

Human beings do damage our environment, and we can and should do better. Keeping track of what we do to the environment and being conscientious about how we protect it makes sense. However, nothing proposed thus far to cure the fictitious disease of man-made climate change would actually have a significant impact on the supposed problem.

The fraudulent “hockey-stick” climate projection. Source: The Atlantic.

One proposal, however, reveals the true nature of “climate change” alarmists. UN climate chief Cristiana Figueres says democracy is no good for fighting global warming; communism is better. She even upholds China, with its historic and dangerous smog problem, as a role model.

There are times that I wish global warming were real, since there is a major upside. The Jurassic period was rich in vegetation and other kinds of life. You could farm year round in Montana and the Dakotas, and just think about it, you could go to the beach and actually go for a swim year round in Canada!

Too bad it’s just a fraud, designed to bring about global governance and communism.

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