United States on the Road to Communism

Having been a professional communicator for most of the last 20 years, I have learned how governments, corporations, and political parties spread the word about their respective next steps. One of the first things necessary to achieve change is to get the word out via popular media or entertainment outlets.

Enter Rolling Stone magazine, with their article, “Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For.” The article points to five reforms the millenial generation ought to be aggressive in pursuing in order to turn our current corrupt society into a just one:

  1. guaranteed work for everybody;
  2. Social Security for all;
  3. taking back the land (where the article suggests communities pool land resources);
  4. making everything owned by everybody (translation: steal your house and car too);
  5. a public bank in every state.

The entire proposal would be ludicrous were it not so serious. Combined with the election of an openly Marxist mayor of New York City and the election of a not so openly Marxist president, the latest push for a socialist-communist combination in the United States is picking up steam. This time it might work and, as a result, it is time to get scared.

Fast-food workers protest outside of a Burger King in Los Angeles. Source: Rolling Stone Magazine.
Fast-food workers protest outside of a Burger King in Los Angeles. Source: Rolling Stone Magazine.

Dissecting the List

Guaranteeing work for everyone means lazy, poor performing, under-qualified, and insubordinate employees get to stay; no one has to put any effort into finding a job. This includes not having to learn new skills, furthering one’s education, or doing more to get ahead. This proposal kills the initiative needed to run a successful business, as well as a nation.

Universal basic income paid by the taxpayer is a system that has already been attempted, and has already failed. If everyone is receiving income from the government, who will there be left to pay taxes? It’s a backward concept worse than the Federal Reserve printing fake money to cover our deficit and debt problem. Tried and failed in communist countries like the Soviet Union, it will also fail in the United States.

Source: The Market Oracle

In order to see what happens to homes when they are owned by government, one only needs to visit a public housing project. Have you ever tried visiting a national park during a government shutdown? The analogy wouldn’t be too different with home ownership. If the government owns your home, they can inspect it at will, and determine whether or not you are living according to their ever changing regulations. Government owned property is not the answer.

A public bank should be in every state, because government does banking so much better than the private sector. If the US government were a bank, regulators would have taken it over and arrested all of the members of the board of directors.

Friends, step back for a moment from your current views and go back in history to consider how things were done to kick-start revolutions in the past. Note how ideas were sold, and words and meanings were changed. The current plan is very clear: the United States of America, once the beacon of liberty to the world, is marching toward communism, and the election of a Republican president will not change that path.

This is why I went from being a proud US American and statehood supporter for Puerto Rico to an “independentista” (independence supporter). Although in truth I am not a traditional supporter of Puerto Rico’s independence, I am not a socialist, either — as most of the independence supporters are in Puerto Rico.

The extraordinary irony in all of this is that the pro-statehood forces in Puerto Rico have traditionally been right of center, with nearly half of the New Progressive Party calling themselves “republicans.”

If I am correct, then there should be a reversal of sorts in Puerto Rican politics. The New Progressive Party should begin advocating for independence in the form of a democratic republic, while the Puerto Rican Independence Party should start advocating statehood. If the centrists and conservatives within the statehood movement want a republican democracy, and liberty, they really have no choice.

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