Rand Paul All Alone in the Senate


US Senator Rand Paul continues on his quest to block renewal of the Patriot Act, and Zuri Davis was there to watch this evening’s standoff in Washington, DC. The liberty activist, who has made waves with her support for the elder Paul, posted a revealing and candid reflection.

This entire night was dedicated to whether or not the Senate would have a discussion to pass the Patriot Act. How sad that having a discussion before actions isn’t the norm. A discussion allows we the people to hear both sides of an argument and gives us time to contact our representatives and senators in order to ask them to vote one way or another.

But perhaps the most important observation from tonight:

Rand Paul is very alone in the Senate. He is the only one who consistently fights for our rights on that floor. His job is hard. While he finds allies for certain issues, the weight of such a role becomes apparent when he struggles for other’s support as he did tonight. The Patriot Act is a violation of our Fourth Amendment. There are ways for us to protect our country from foreign threats without unnecessarily treating all [US] Americans as criminals.

There were three presidential candidates on the floor tonight. There were 100 senators elected to represent us. Yet, out of all of these, there was only one.

In love and liberty, #StandWithRand‬.

Read the full Facebook post here.

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