How the Political Class See Bitcoin: We Must Apply Our Services!

By: Fergus Hodgson - @FergHodgson - Apr 17, 2014, 1:43 pm
Source: Libertarian Nuts.

Regulators in various countries — including the United States and Canada — have been circling bitcoin. They’ve even attempted to ban it in Colombia. I have two messages for them: (1) you will fail, because bitcoin is decentralized, and there is no head of the snake to cut off, and (2) your actions demonstrate how your motives have nothing to do with the will of constituents.

As Javier Garay aptly noted in his recent column, “Bitcoin: A Weapon for Destruction of the Money Monopoly,” those cracking down on the cryptocurrency are merely defending the fiat-currency racket.

Fergus Hodgson Fergus Hodgson

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