Venezuela: When You Have No Soap, You Are Left with the Opera

By: Fergus Hodgson - @FergHodgson - Jan 28, 2014, 4:59 pm

national-postCanada’s National Post noted this past week that telenovelas are the latest culprit for out-of-control crime in Venezuela. Forget poverty, corruption, economic uncertainty, incompetent police, and prisons run by criminals; the “anti-values” of soap operas are just too much.

In his state of the union speech last week, Maduro took aim at a popular soap opera, De todas maneras Rosa, produced by Venevision.

He accused the nation’s biggest broadcaster of profiting from violence by celebrating the crimes of one of the melodrama’s lead characters, Andreina Vallejo, a psychopathic former beauty queen who fatally poisons her own mother to hide the paternity of her son.

Gripping. Fortunately, Victoria Henderson was on hand — a PanAm Post columnist and the managing director of the Institute for Social and Economic Analysis. Her response letter appeared in the January 24 edition of the newspaper:

If that [argument] sounds familiar, it’s because Hollywood director Oliver Stone recently said the same thing, claiming “fantasy violence” is “infecting the American culture.”

Mr. Stone has played a key role in polishing the image of Latin American despots whose special brand of social engineering is amenable to the highbrow set, since it shifts the blame from Venezuela’s socialist economy, as the cause of the violence. The moral of the story? When you have no soap, you are left with the opera.

Fergus Hodgson Fergus Hodgson

Fergus Hodgson was the founding editor in chief of the PanAm Post, up until January 2016, and he now studies finance at Tulane University in Louisiana and Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala. Originally from New Zealand, he has also lived in Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Ireland, and the United States. Follow @FergHodgson and his Facebook page.