Want to Compete? Get Konnected!

Today’s column from Hana Fischer is a sad but true reflection on the rapid decline of economic freedom in the United States (English, Español).

The United States is no longer among the 10 freest economies in the world. This is the first time we have seen this happen since the index began in 1995. . . . The most unsettling fact is that United States is the only country that registered a fall in economic liberties in every one of the last seven years.

Sadly, parasitic and shameful cronyism — a modern form of exclusionary mercantilism — is bringing the United States down. As the saying went back in Louisiana, though, “You have to laugh to keep from crying.”

Right on cue, someone has released a satirical portrayal of the cronies as action figure toys. Perhaps humor is the best medicine. At very least this sharp clip shares the painful reality in an accessible manner.

The video identifies specific crony groups: big agriculture, protected trade unions, the military industrial complex, and the fiat currency-backed financial industry. “Heads they win; tails you lose,” it says, “Forget the rule book; they make the rules.”

Oh, so true — and the creators rightly note that the real enemy of the cronies is a rising, middle class of entrepreneurs who will outcompete them if allowed to do so. Further, innovative competition from abroad, which would enable greater purchasing power for consumers, cannot stand.

“Want to compete? You’ll be rejected. Get with Kronies . . . They’re konnected!”

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