Gina Kawas Analyzes Honduras’s Elections on WGSO New Orleans

By: Fergus Hodgson - @FergHodgson - Dec 4, 2013, 4:15 pm

Gina Kawas, a PanAm Post columnist and Young Voices Advocate based in Honduras, joined Jeff Crouere this morning, on WGSO’s Ringside Politics. The popular radio talk show is based in New Orleans, home to many Honduran expats, given the city’s longstanding relationship with Central America.

Hear her segment, which aired at 11 a.m. EST (10 minutes). In particular, she addresses the threat of socialism and the contested results in Honduras’s election, but she points out that few people there want to take the Venezuelan lead. She and Jeff also discussed Honduras’s relationship with the United States, since the failing and extremely violent drug war is so inextricably tied with her northern neighbor.

For more context, consider her latest article, “The Perils of Democracy: Honduran Election Aftermath,” and the PanAm’s broader coverage of Honduras.

Fergus Hodgson Fergus Hodgson

Fergus Hodgson was the founding editor in chief of the PanAm Post, up until January 2016, and he now studies finance at Tulane University in Louisiana and Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala. Originally from New Zealand, he has also lived in Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Ireland, and the United States. Follow @FergHodgson and his Facebook page.