Snowden’s Father Will Not Be Intimidated

Name-calling against Edward Snowden is falling on critical and disagreeing ears, at least in the case of Lon Snowden, his father. When asked on This Week, an ABC show, Lon dismissed both the “traitor” label from US Rep Pete King (R-NY) and President Obama’s attack against Snowden’s patriotism.

My son has spoken the truth, and he has sacrificed more than either the president of the United States or Peter King have ever in their political careers or their American lives. So how they choose to characterize him really doesn’t carry that much weight with me.

Edward Snowden’s revelations and ability to evade US government officials continue to embarrass the hypocritical “open government” administration. Sympathetic outlets such as Mother Jones now admit that Obama is conducting a “war on whistleblowers,” and even one of his own former advisers says the denials of spying are ridiculous.

Predictably, since Snowden has not lied, they are simply resorting to character assassination and fear mongering. As pathetic as that may be, the words thrown about by government officials do carry emotive power in the United States.

A deeper understanding of patriotism, however, actually favors Snowden and not those occupying office and violating their own oaths. He has demonstrated his loyalty to the founding ideals of the United States and not some corrupt politicians. The question then is whether people in the United States will be as sharp as Lon Snowden and not buy the flimsy and dishonest attacks against his son.

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