Immigration Reform and the PanAm Post’s First External Media Appearance


The Voice of Russia Radio has examined both the likelihood of passage and the potential outcomes of the Senate immigration reform bill. To assist with their story, “US-Mexico border: New bill to gain legal status for millions of immigrants,” they drew on me as research director with the PanAmerican Post.

The main PanAm site is set to go live on Monday, July 1, and this is the first external media appearance I have accepted on behalf of the new outlet. You can hear the two clips they shared from my interview here (1 minute).

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I contend that the underlying assumption that immigration is a problem to be mitigated is false. However, this assumption is so prevalent that it impedes meaningful reform, prolongs wasteful spending, and promotes human trafficking — among other destructive effects.

Here is one of my favorite lectures on the topic from Bryan Caplan, an economist based at George Mason University.

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