In Letter, FARC Leader Reveals Rising Tension as Group Transitions to Politics

FARC Leader
In a letter written from Havana, Cuba, the FARC’s leader described problems the group experienced during its first congressional meeting. (Midiamax)

Espa√ĪolThe Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, trying to transition¬†from¬†guerrilla¬†warfare to politics, currently face tension¬†and division, according to new party President Rodrigo Londo√Īo Echeverry, also known as¬†Timochenko.

In a letter written from¬†Havana, Cuba, the FARC’s leader described problems the group experienced during its first congressional meeting.¬†He asked that those who disagree with the deal made between the FARC and the Colombian government to withdraw from the organization.

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“Personally I did have a bitter taste (in my mouth),” he wrote. “No one in the FARC can say that I have called them to tell them to support me or nominate¬†me to be their leader, nor have I discouraged anyone from supporting X or Y comrade. If I were going to do that I would have been doing it already during our periodic meetings.”

He added that during the meeting, there was a “systematic campaign” in which his qualifications to “remain the head of the FARC” were¬†put into question.

“Maybe they’re right,” he said. “I barely won the primary, I have never been in political scenarios, nor a chairman of a communal board, etc. What I don’t like¬†is that they use harsh, unfair methods and nothing in the framework of the party spirit that should define us.”

One of the leaders of the FARC secretariat, Jes√ļs Santrich, claimed¬†that there is no place for division within a¬†political movement, and that Timochenko is accepted in the party. He said he didn’t understand the letter, as everyone at meetings thus far have agreed¬†Timochenko¬†is the leader.

“If any division exists within the FARC it is in labor divisions, organization and political strategy. We all agree about around our boss, who is Timole√≥n Jim√©nez,” he said.

Source: W Radio, RCN

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