Venezuela’s Opposition Party Denounced for Participating in Regional Election Organized by the Regime

Familiares de los ciudadanos asesinados por la represión han expresado su rechazo y han manifestado que sus hijos, esposos, hermanos, no murieron para que Allup fuera gobernador. (Twitter)
Opposition leadership has described Allup’s proposal as strongly contradicting what they are trying to accomplish. (Twitter)

EspañolThe family members of victims of the violence that occurred during Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s Constituent Assembly election are planning to boycott upcoming regional elections in the country. Opposition leader Henry Ramos Allup, however, said he will run as a candidate of the Democratic Action party in the December 10 election, which has generated disapproval from other opposition figures.

“We have to fight and push for elections, which is what the international community is pressing for, that is what we have put forward,” Allup said during an appearance on Globovisión. “We can’t suddenly change the calendars … Democratic Action is going to participate in the regional elections, in the ones for mayors as well as in the presidential election. We do not have bullets. What we have are votes.”

Allup argued that it would be a grave error on the part of the opposition not to participate in the elections because, according to him, it would be equivalent to ceding the election to regime-supporting parties.

However, the statements made by Allup don’t agree with the citizens who go out on the streets on a daily basis to protest against the regime.

Erik Del Bufalo

The reasons why chavismo came to power are the same reasons he has not left. Ramos Allup expresses it better than anyone else.

Opposition leadership has described Allup’s proposal as strongly contradicting what they are trying to accomplish, and may even be the end of his political career. Attending a regional election conducted by the regime would legitimize the rules of a game that have been fixed. For those who oppose participation, the opposition candidates would be sending an international message that there is legitimate democracy in Venezuela.

Relatives of the citizens murdered by repression have expressed their disapproval as well, and have stated that their children, husbands and brothers did not die so that Allup could run for governor.

I am Neomar Lander’s mother. He gave his life for the liberty of Venezuela, not for you to be governor.  

Soldados de Franelas
Our friends gave their lives for the liberty of Venezuela, not for you to be governor.  

Today would have been my little brother’s birhtday. Thanks to GNB we didn’t get to celebrate it. 

To date, more than two dozen minors have been killed in Venezuela by the regime, whose default course of action has been to fire shots at the head and chest. Despite clear and real evidence of repression, Maduro has argued that the opposition is responsible for the country’s declining situation, and even said it intends to exacerbate the issues that have people protesting in the streets.

Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela Diosdado Cabello tweeted about Allup, calling him out for claiming fraud in the Constituent Assembly election and then running in the next one.

Diosdado Cabello R 
This sort of ignorance is overwhelming. Help me understand this: One day the opposition says that CNE is fraudulent, and now they are saying that they are going to participate in regional elections. ?????

Source: El Universal

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