Not Even Colombia’s President is Pleased with FARC Accord He Brokered

By: Felipe Fernández - @Ffernandezp - Jul 12, 2017, 3:10 pm
Not Even Colombia's President is Pleased with FARC Accord
“It is very important that the whole country and all public authorities, of course the executive, but also the legislative and the judicial, understand that we now have a commitment as a state to comply with these agreements.” (Twitter)

EspañolPresident of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos said he doesn’t personally like many parts of his agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia guerrilla group, but that they must be fulfilled regardless because both sides have agreed to it.

“There are many things in the agreement that I do not like,” Santos said before judicial officials during a request for support in applying transitional justice. “But in order to reach the ultimate goal of peace, if we consolidate it, we can say in a year that it was worth it.”

“It is very important that the whole country and all public authorities, of course the executive, but also the legislative and the judicial, understand that we now have a commitment as a state to comply with these agreements.”

Santos emphasized the importance of the presence of international organizations at the ratification of the FARC agreement, and made note of the approval given by the United Nations Security Council, which is overseeing compliance with the disarmament.

“We have to fulfill them and that’s why I call on everyone to take them that into account,” he continued. “I repeat, there are many things I do not like, but the bigger goal of peace justifies that transition, that transitional justice.”

He said no one in Colombia’s government can be allowed to break the signed agreement.

“I say this today because it is our obligation, the whole world is watching and because we have given our word and made a commitment, and a state has to keep its word,” he said.

Additionally, Santos reaffirmed the role of the judges in granting amnesty, pardons and special treatment for conduct related to the FARC conflict.

“In the long run, this is the step that must be taken. In the long run the agreements have to be fulfilled so that the new peace can be stable and lasting,” Santos concluded.

Source: El País

Felipe Fernández Felipe Fernández

Felipe Fernández is a reporter from Colombia for the PanAm Post. He's a law student at the La Gran Colombia University in Armenia. Follow him on Twitter: @Ffernandezp

Private Companies Discover Large Oil Reserves off Mexican Coast

By: Elena Toledo - @NenaToledo - Jul 12, 2017, 2:16 pm

EspañolAn oil field has been discovered by a private company for the first time in Mexico's history, and it's a big one. Sixty kilometers off the coast of Tabasco, Mexico and 166 meters below the surface, Sierra Oil and Gas, Talos Energy and Premier Oil discovered a deposit of oil — a resource that has been controlled by the state for the last 80 years. Initial estimates claim the deposit will yield between 1.4 and two billion barrels of crude oil, leading officials close to the discovery to deem it a "mega-find" not seen in the country since a 2000 discovery in the Gulf of Mexico. It's the fifth-largest discovery worldwide in the last five years, according to experts. The finding far surpasses initial expectations made by researchers, as it is double the size of Trion and three times the size of Ayin, where Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) currently operates. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1459522593195-0'); }); "This is a historic and meaningful discovery," said Tim Duncan, President and CEO of Taloes, "and we could not be prouder of our highly qualified team from both Mexico and the United States." He added: "We believe that this discovery represents exactly the objectives of energy reform: new capital, new participants and a spirit of ingenuity that will generate new local jobs and income for the Mexican government." Taloes Energy representatives also said that it is installing a "liner" to protect the discovery before starting deeper exploration. It is still very early to talk about starting an actual operation, officials said. Read More: 2016 Was a Tragic Year for Journalism in Mexico Read More: Mexico’s War on Drugs Has Cost $50 Billion, and Countless Lives "There are no plans for immediate tests in the well," Duncan said. "We will need an additional assessment to calibrate the well with existing reprocessed seismic information to determine future plans and the following locations that will define the extent of the discovered resources." Duncan also said that he expects to have more opportunities like this in the future. "We are excited to move forward with the evaluation of this discovery and continue to drill more unique opportunities like this. We see a bright future for shallow Mexican waters in the coming years." Source: El Economista.

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