Second Bombing in Colombia Sparks Concerns of Urban Guerrilla Revival

A este hecho se suma el del fin de semana en el exclusivo Centro Comercial Andino que dio como resultado el fallecimiento de 3 mujeres y varios heridos. (U. Nacional)
A second bombing has rattled the Guacamayas neighborhood in the southern part of the city of Bogota (U. Nacional).


In the early hours of the morning an explosion in southern Bogota, allegedly caused by a grande, left seven people injured.

This follows a weekend bombing at the El Andino shopping center in the north of Bogota,  which killed 3 women, including a French national, and injured many.

The attack occurred at about 1am in the residential area of Guacamayas, south of Bogota. Authorities are investigating the incident.

The police squad, anti-explosive units, and relief agencies went to the place to evacuate those affected to the hospital located in the La Victoria neighborhood.

According to La FM, Police Inspection Officer Colonel Urbin Jaimes said “We are investigating the situation; so far we are not sure if someone threw a grenade.”

One of those affected victims made statements about what had happened in the Guacamayas sector.

“We were there hanging out, relaxed, when someone threw a grenade. I just ran away, and that’s why I was saved,” said the citizen.



The police are seeking to clarify whether the grenade was detonated by accident, or whether it was a targeted attack on the people present.

At least ten homes in the residential area suffered physical damage. Colonel Jorge Urquijo, specialized commander of the Metropolitan Police, said that only men were injured in the explosion.

“The wounded are all men, they are being treated at the local hospital, they do not have serious injuries, they are out of danger.”

It is still unknown whether it was another terrorist attack in the Colombian capital, in less than 48 hours, or an isolated incident.

It is expected that in the next few hours local authorities will provide reports on the event.

Authorities are still investigating a recent incident at the El Andino shopping center in northern Bogota which has the entire country on edge.

Source: El País

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