Kenosha in Ruins After BLM Protests, Trump Sends National Guard

"I will send the federal police and the National Guard to Kenosha to restore LAW and ORDER," President Trump said

The protests in Kenosha began peacefully, but have turned violent with acts of vandalism (EFE).

Spanish – It’s been three consecutive days of rioting and violence in Kenosha, a Wisconsin city that has been completely destroyed after a series of demonstrations that turned into vandalism, where the Black Lives Matter movement once again had its negative influence.

The protests erupted three days ago after a police officer savagely shot an African-American citizen in the back as he entered his vehicle. The situation has once again sparked debate about “police brutality” and the problem of “systemic racism” in the U.S. The images have provoked outrage in a climate that was already very tense after what happened with George Floyd three months ago.

Debris in the city from the multiple fires that occur during the night (EFE).

Local and National Media Reports

The Washington Post reported that it is common to see citizens with long weapons or knives among the protesters. According to the American publication, the protests are usually peaceful during the day, but violent at night. Therefore, the city government has imposed a curfew from 8 p.m. and ordered a police deployment to control the violence. So far, this has not been enough to prevent looting, vandalism, and the burning of property.

A burnt bus in Kenosha (EFE).

A local media outlet in the city, Kenosha News, described how authorities were trying to combat looting, fires, and vandalism. This is tragic because, beyond the legitimate demand for justice for the shameful and unjustified police shooting, the reality is that vandalism movements and groups take advantage of this situation to commit crimes with impunity. They have burned cars, buildings, and attempted to loot businesses, which has left the city in fear for three long nights.

Protesters in Kenosha burn the U.S. flag (EFE).

The outcome of these conflicts should not be forgotten, as there have already been two deaths and one serious injury following the start of the night-time clashes between criminal groups, law enforcement agencies, and armed civilians. The WaPo mentioned that the victims are linked to an episode of confrontation between demonstrators and armed men trying to defend a service station.

Another Wisconsin city that “exploded” after the shooting of Jacob Blake was Madison. While it did not have the destruction of Kenosha, there was also damage to the public property, such as burnt garbage cans, vandalized businesses, and destroyed transit stops. Videos and photos also show that members of Black Lives Matter were present at these demonstrations, which turned violent.

Cars destroyed by demonstrators (EFE).

Other local Wisconsin media, such as the Wisconsin State Journal or the radio station WGTD 91.1 FM, have agreed that the protests started peacefully, but that overnight they degenerated into vandalism and looting and that these behaviors seem to have a pattern.

Throughout Kenosha, broken glass, debris and graffiti with “BLM” (Black Lives Matter) can be seen, which are usually cleaned by citizens and business owners during the day. Despite efforts by the police to disperse violent demonstrators who break curfew, this has not been possible. That is why U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he would deploy the National Guard to control the protests and “anarchy.”

Burning cars (EFE).

The truth of the matter is that Kenosha is going through a dire situation. The police shooting was a strong shock for the citizens, but what should have been a peaceful protest for the request of justice has become a nightmare for the city that has now been looted and violated. With the Black Lives Matter movement as the protagonist, once again.

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