Forbes: PanAm Post Among World’s Most Influential Digital Media Advocates of Freedom

The PanAm Post was included in Forbes' ranking of free-market think tanks and media publications

Forbes highlighted our solid reports on issues relevant to free economy and free society across the Americas as the hallmark of our portal. (PanAm Post)

Spanish – Any positive news is welcome during times of crisis. The PanAm Post got very good news after being included in the Forbes’ ranking of noteworthy free-market magazines and digital media advocates around the world for the second consecutive year.

The article titled The 2020 Ranking Of Free-Market Think Tanks Measured By Social Media Impact ranks think tanks and digital media organizations that defend freedom and free-markets based on their impact on social media and web traffic since the publication of Forbes’ previous ranking in April 2019.

The article does point out that while the overall impact on web traffic of think tanks and digital journals has diminished compared to previous years. However, this is attributed mainly to the fact that SimilarWeb changed its methodology for measuring and reviewing website visits.

However, pro-liberty digital media organizations have seen notorious growth and influence on social media. In this category, the PanAm Post got a special mention for its activity on Instagram. We have dedicated enormous effort to this platform with audiovisual materials and graphics not only to expand our followers but also to achieve wider dissemination of the ideas we defend and directly influence an audience that is very different from Facebook and Twitter. 

Forbes highlighted our solid reports on issues relevant to free economy and free society across the Americas as the hallmark of our portal.

This acknowledgment is an honor

In the following chart, you can see how PanAm Post’s Spanish edition (the only Spanish publication featured here) appears among the eight most influential digital media and magazines defending freedom and the market economy in the world, according to the prestigious publication.

The PanAm Post, in its Spanish version, is among the most influential magazines or digital media that defend the ideas of freedom and the free market (Forbes).

The digital publications featured here include the prestigious libertarian magazine Reason, Media Research Center, Daily Signal, National Review, CNS, the British publication CAPX, and the PanAm Post as the only Hispanic publication.

This is the second time in a row that Forbes has recognized us as one of the most influential media publications. In the 2019 ranking, Forbes also recognized the PanAm Post as one of the most influential digital media and magazines.

2019 ranking of the most influential pro-freedom media.

The achievement is that of all the staff, who work tirelessly every day of the year to publish news, analyses, reports, and research, that have placed us in a reputable position, defending the ideas of freedom and free markets. Further, this recognition is not only of our official team but also of all the collaborators and columnists, who have helped and supported us in the commendable work that we have sustained since our establishment in 2013.

But, most importantly, we are indebted to the readers, whose views, interactions, and opinions have allowed us to climb an incredibly difficult steep mountain. So our gratitude is eternal, and we promise to continue on the path that has brought us to this site of transcendence.

Long live liberty!

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