Why We Can’t Trust the Maduro Regime About COVID-19 Cases in Venezuela

According to El Tiempo, the number of COVID-19 cases in the country is estimated at over 17. Those infected include some Venezuelan soldiers who arrived from Iran after a visit to Italy

The tyrant Nicolás Maduro announces new preventive measures (EFE).

Spanish – On Sunday, it was revealed that the number of positive cases of coronavirus in Venezuela increased to 17. As a result, the tyrant Nicolás Maduro announced the measure of “quarantining” six states and Caracas. It is an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. However, Colombian intelligence and sources in Caracas indicate that the regime may not be reporting the truth, according to El Tiempo.

Colombian intelligence leaks and sources from Caracas

The information published in Colombia was leaked from Colombian intelligence, thanks to reports coming from Caracas, where the regime’s inability to detect potential cases due to lack of evidence is evident. These reports also indicate that medical staff may have been infected in addition to the nine military personnel who arrived from Iran and had previously passed through Italy- both countries that are tremendously affected by the Coronavirus.

The lack of transparency in Venezuela does not help at all to combat the potential catastrophe, which would mean an exponential spread of the virus in the country. In 72 hours, the number of cases increased from two to 17- a large rise in percentage terms. This is already a high and worrying figure. But if this number is higher, it would be a national emergency, and a measure to quarantine only six states and the capital city would be insufficient. It is worth remembering that this measure came into effect at 5:00 AM on Monday.

A few days ago, following the first confirmed cases, the regime also took the measure of practically isolating Venezuela from the world by banning flights from Panama, Europe, the Dominican Republic, and other destinations.

Regime takes action

The spread of the coronavirus in the country is forcing the regime to take action, including the involvement of the military to exercise control and enforce the regulations. That is why Vladimir Padrino López, the narco-tyranny’s minister of the People’s Power for National Defense, communicated an order for the contingents and demanded mandatory compliance by all “security agencies at the national, state, and municipal levels.” This was also reported by El Tiempo.

According to the statement, food establishments will only be able to sell takeaways to avoid contact between diners, as we have seen in several countries and major cities around the world. The same applies to stores selling alcoholic beverages. Their opening hours will be the same, from 10:00 to 18:00.

There will be no restrictions on staying open for supermarkets, delicatessens, butchers, and markets; and the hours will be from 8:00 to 18:00. We will have to see the solution to the problem of the number of people who can go out to buy food to cope with the quarantine.

It also provides for the closure of parks, theaters, cinemas, and public events where crowds gather.

Concerns beyond the virus

Besides the concerns about the coronavirus in Venezuela, one of the most worrisome things is the stagnation that an already rather shattered and collapsed economy will suffer. The vast majority of Venezuelans earn only enough to survive from day to day; few can afford not to have an income for a couple of weeks.

The COVID-19 could cause a catastrophic problem in the country (EFE).

Another major problem is that many families in Venezuela rely on remittances from family members abroad. How many Venezuelans abroad will be able to send money to their relatives, given a virus that is affecting all the economies of the world?

The tyrant Maduro is also taking advantage of this crisis to advance his political position. In one of his announcements, he addressed the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, to ask him to leave aside “ideological extremism” and start evaluating “joint actions” between both countries to face the imminent crisis of the coronavirus. The audacity of the regime has no limits. After destroying the entire health system and leaving Venezuelans without recourse, they are advocating cooperation that until not long ago was reflected in the closure of borders to boycott the entry of humanitarian aid to Venezuelans who are dying due to lack of food and medicine.

Concealing positive cases only complicates an already bleak picture. The intention may be to disclose a few cases and talk about relative success in containing the virus, which is unlikely if not impossible. The regime might also be attempting to make it clear who governs the state apparatus, minimizing the influence of interim president Juan Guaidó to warnings, press releases, and non-concrete actions.

Today, we expect an “important pronouncement” from the interim president, according to the audio broadcast on Monday by Congressman Armando Armas and several members of his organization. The instability of the health system is a problem that will not be solved by the narco-tyranny in power. Therefore, citizens must face the battle against COVID-19 with conscience and responsibility. Venezuelans must be mentally prepared for a pandemic that could affect a significant part of the country’s population.

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