Twitter Sides with Democrats in the U.S. and Attacks Trump

The United States can plunge into a civil war that would allow the rise of tyrannical regimes on the continent and the spread of jihadist groups in Europe and Asia

U.S. President Donald Trump (EFE).

Spanish – The exemplary democracy of the United States of America is living through its darkest days. The last few months have seen one scandal after another, with conspiracies, investigations by high officials, and a dirty media war that would seem to belong to a third world country.

The enormous and prestigious news networks have been reduced to sad pamphlets with no pretense of impartiality on either side- the Democrat heavyweights, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Time magazine, among others, and on the Trump side, Fox News, smaller newspapers like Daily Caller, and their social media.

If we go back in time, we will see how from the beginning of Trump’s presidency everything went uphill for the current president, the Democrats and their media attacked him when he decided that he would withdraw troops from the Middle East saying he was giving up the land, and a couple of months later they also criticized and attacked him for killing two of the biggest Islamist terrorists, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the jihadist group Islamic State, and Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian general of the Quds Forces. In fact, regarding terrorist Abu Bakr, considered the most dangerous man on the planet, the Washington Post titled him in its obituary as “An Austere Religious Scholar at the Helm of the Islamic State” to try to discredit Trump’s operation, until a barrage of insults on the paper forced them to change the headline.

Even as we are facing the possible catastrophe of the coronavirus, we can read articles in this same newspaper accusing Trump of being the culprit of the destruction of the economy. Anyone who shows an interest in this issue knows that the pandemic has paralyzed economic activities around the world, and Trump has even fought very hard to keep the country moving. The article deliberately omits the fact that before the pandemic, the United States had the best employment rate and economic performance in the last 50 years.

As if this were not enough, the Democrats also began the campaign for the impeachment of Trump, which was rejected outright by the Senate, and recently, the Obamagate scandal came to light. It is still in progress and could become the biggest scandal in American political history since former President Barack Obama is accused of having asked members of the FBI to spy on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and his closest advisors, among a series of other illegal and disgraceful actions for the first democracy in the world.

Now, it is true, Trump’s ways are not the most amicable. His despotic attitude towards the press does nothing to make things any easier, and it will be difficult to determine whether the current president’s attitude is due to the harassment of American power groups or vice versa. Everyone will blame the other side. But the truth is that Donald Trump is a democratically elected president who has complied with the constitution of the United States. He has never used his power or the justice system to persecute or imprison his opponents. And beyond his eccentricities with the press, he cannot be accused in any way of being an anti-democratic, despotic, or dictatorial leader, quite the opposite of what can be said in the campaign on the other side, where there have been all kinds of collisions to try to remove an elected president from power in a legitimate and democratic way.

In this recent wave, the latest one to go against him has been Twitter. The social media platform fact-checked a tweet by Trump, which, once again, presents many interpretations, accusing him of lying and taking CNN and the Washington Post as a reference for his accusations, two publications with a clear agenda. Thus, Twitter has sided with the Democrats in what is already, without a doubt, the dirtiest media and political campaign in the history of the United States.

If Donald Trump alleges that voting by mail can lead to electoral fraud, this cannot be qualified as true or false. It is primarily an opinion and a topic that can have subjective interpretations. Trump may not be right, but the other side may not be either. It is an extremely dangerous matter that now Twitter, the largest and most prestigious informational social network in the world, also takes sides in U.S. domestic politics. Eventually, the democratic system of the most powerful nation on the planet and defender of Western values is destroyed.

American democracy is in a downward spiral, and Trump is one of the parties responsible for this. But the Democrats’ game has been far more harmful and juvenile to the institutions of a great country like the United States. If this trend continues, we may very soon have the leader of the West plunged into a civil war that will allow the rise of tyrannical regimes and dictatorships on the continent and the spread of jihadist groups in Europe and Asia. This will ultimately be a war in which all of us who believe in freedom and democracy will lose.

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