Diosdado Cabello Planned and Financed Operation Gideon to “Overthrow” Maduro

It was clear that the operation had already been infiltrated, so why did it continue? What were the incentives, and who offered them?

Diosdado Cabello y Nicolás Maduro (Photo: Flickr).

Spanish – History is indeed cyclical and repetitive. Those who deny this are merely ignorant. Falke by Federico Vargas is one of the most fascinating novels in Venezuelan literature. Vargas is one of the writers I respect the most in the country. He tells the story of Rafael Vegas, his relative, who participated in a conspiracy to overthrow the then-dictator, Juan Vicente Gómez in 1929. Román Delgado Chalbaud commanded the operation, and it was a complete failure. Because, as history suggests, the financier of the operation was Juan Vicente Gómez himself. His goal was to gather all his enemies abroad in an infiltrated mission, leading them inside the country, and thus capturing them all in one single attempt.

Venezuela is once again a victim of authoritarian Machiavellian warlords. On March 28 of this year, 37 days before the members of Operation Gideon were captured, Diosdado Cabello, Chavismo’s second in command, declared that a conspiracy was being orchestrated by an American whom he introduced in a plot with the name “Yordan”—and in fact, there was a “Yordan”—but with a J, and his last name was Goudreau. He mentions that the American met former Chavista general Cliver Alcalá at the concert in Cúcuta and that from then on, everything began to take shape.

But it doesn’t end there. That same day Diosdado also said that “some meetings were held because we provided the logistics, you see how they were undercover. The Chavista assures that the “opposition” “stole the real ones” from the operation, and therefore, the operation was stopped: their infiltration and financing is what brought it to light. This coincides with J.J. Rendón’s version of the story. J.J. Rendón, Juan Guaidó’s strategist, spoke to Orlando Avendaño for the PanAm Post and shared evidence that the relationship with the U.S. security company Silvercorp had ended in October 2019, and the exploratory mission was not continued.

This makes it clear that Maduro’s tyrannical regime orchestrated the whole exercise and then made itself look like a victim in the eyes of the international community and, in turn, killed its enemies. At least eight Venezuelan soldiers were killed in the operation that the regime itself orchestrated, and another dozen have been captured in supposed different operations.

The regime argues that the operation began in Riohacha, Colombia. The participants went by sea in small boats to the center of Venezuela, more specifically, to the coasts of Macuto and also Aragua, where they were intercepted. How do conspirators cross Venezuelan waters, cross several checkpoints, hundreds of nautical miles, and reach the mainland without anyone seeing them or intervening?

Moreover, it has become evident that Chavismo’s knowledge of the operation was notorious, which gives rise to some questions: If it was clear that the operation had already been infiltrated, why did it continue? What were the incentives, and who offered them? Why did Goudreau go out and tell the media about the operation’s capacity and the number of officers on the ground if it was a secret mission? It is clear that the heads of the operation were controlled by the financiers. Meanwhile, brave Venezuelan soldiers, innocent and isolated, were used as cannon fodder.

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