Coronavirus: China’s Strategy to Drive a New World Order

China has strategically used the coronavirus as a Trojan horse to advance its agenda of economic and cultural domination and to position itself favorably in international organizations.

The Chinese Communist Party has used its totalitarian apparatus to conceal information about this pandemic (Archive).

The coronavirus is here to stay. Beyond the pandemic’s expiration date, its economic and geopolitical effects will boggle down the planet for years to come. The catastrophic consequences of this health crisis have not allowed us to observe the movement of the pieces on the board of international politics at this juncture, and the Chinese virus has been the great Trojan Horse of this century. However, it did not come as a gift, it came as a disease, but what the Chinese Communist Party’s virus was carrying inside, beyond a pandemic, is the realignment of a political agenda that seeks to position the Asian giant as the head of the new world order.

For several decades now, the entire west, to reduce costs, has been promoting a relationship of absolute dependence on Chinese totalitarianism. The deprivation of human rights and the practice of anachronistic working conditions have allowed China to build a processing industry for all kinds of raw materials at very low prices. No western nation that respects its citizens could compete with it. This has not only strengthened the economy of the Chinese Communist Party but has also led to a submissive relationship between many nations and the Asian giant.

It is no coincidence that China has gradually increased its influence in the world over the last few decades. It has strategized to become the axis of the new world order. It is not in vain that today, China is the country with the greatest investment and loans in Africa, a continent full of nations that aspire to achieve economic progress and, if they get there, they will have China as their defender, parent, a model to follow, but also, in an eventual conflict, they will be China’s protective shield.

Many theories have been put forward about the coronavirus. However, we cannot empirically say that this pandemic was created in some laboratory in Wuhan. But what we can say is that the Communist Party used its totalitarian apparatus to conceal information about this pandemic. For example, doctors who tried to warn us of the harmful effects of COVID-19 were silenced and later, they died. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) repeated the lies of the totalitarian government of China and announced through its networks that there was no human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus. After all this, the Chinese regime exported the virus to the world, allowing citizens to leave its borders without any restrictions. Wuhan closed its doors only after the virus had spread around the world and attacked the major powers of the west, but the damage was already done.

China’s financing of poor countries has already begun to bear fruit in the stances of international organizations. It is not a coincidence that the WHO has ruthlessly disseminated the lies of the Chinese government. An organization of this stature, with so much international representation, financing, and media pressure, does not repeat a hoax of a totalitarian regime without first carefully analyzing the information. The reason is that Tedros Adhanom, the current director of the WHO, was suggested for the post in 2016, by the authoritarian Marxist government led by Hailemariam Desalegn in Ethiopia. This proposal was, in turn, promoted by the African Union, the main financier of which is, yes, you guessed it, the totalitarian regime in China.

Adhanom’s candidacy was not without its critics. He had served as Minister of Health in the Desalegne administration, and during his term, he was accused of concealing cholera epidemics in his country. However, he was elected, and after a couple of years in office, he did something, not unlike what had been done in Ethiopia: hiding facts or sharing misinformation about an epidemic to favor a totalitarian communist government.

The WHO’s “negligence” regarding human-to-human “non-transmission” of the coronavirus,” caused many governments to lower their defenses against the virus. Chinese citizens were allowed to move around the world carrying the COVID-19 that today, has killed thousands of people and paralyzed the world economy.

China already has a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council. Further, on April 1, despite its evident totalitarian practices and its responsibility in the spread of the coronavirus, the totalitarian regime has been granted a seat on the UN Human Rights Council panel, where specialists are appointed to investigate arbitrary detentions, freedom of expression, and forced disappearances worldwide. This is equivalent to putting a member of the Ku Klux Klan in charge of a body to combat racism.

On April 8, the city of Wuhan, ground zero of the global epidemic, will lift the quarantine to resume activities. Meanwhile, the entire west is sluggish and scared, hiding in their homes due to the fear of the spread of a lethal virus that has infected millions and killed thousands.

While the world economy has been battered by the epidemic, China has positioned itself favorably by buying assets at low prices. In fact, the regime’s official publication, the Global Times, has stated that “if the situation persists unabated, China can realize 6% annual GDP growth,” that is, they estimate that the Chinese economy will grow at a similar rate to 2019 (6.1%) despite the epidemic.

Today, while the industrial power of the major nations of the West is languishing and jobs are being destroyed every day, China’s industrial strength is flourishing, and even Wuhan will be back on its feet. On the other hand, the rest of the world seems to have no intention of lifting the quarantines any time soon. In countries like Spain, Italy, and the United States, there are hundreds and thousands of deaths counted every day.

The Asian giant has even used the pandemic to position itself as the new “savior” of this crisis that it has caused. A recent report by the Epoch Times indicates that the communist regime in China bought millions of masks and critical medical supplies before the pandemic. It even stopped exporting them in January due to the appearance of the novel coronavirus, causing a shortage of these products outside of China. Now, months later, when the west is in a critical state, it has made “donations,” calling itself the new international humanitarian aid assistants, applying the communist maxim par excellence: “Communism first cuts off your legs, then give you crutches so you can walk, and now you have to thank communism.”

Considering all these factors, it is very difficult to think that all this could have been the result of mere chance. There are already a large number of Americans who are mired in Communist rhetoric, defending Chinese tyranny and Iranian theocracy over their own democratic government, which is now headed by Donald Trump. So anti-Americanism is already a danger today, even within the United States. This feeling is also promoted by television networks such as CNN and large newspapers such as the New York Times.

China’s power is not something that can be ignored or taken lightly. Its economic momentum, sustained by a totalitarian social order, gives it concessions in the manufacturing sector. A nation that champions civil liberties and human rights will find it difficult to compete with China. Thus, China has been expanding its economy and buying important assets to influence and dominate the west culturally. It already owns football and other teams in the main leagues of the planet, as well as the media, among other important centers of domination. We should also keep in mind China’s interference in international organizations. Many western nations have succumbed to dependence and submission to China due to the volume of direct imports. This has made China a candidate for new world order, and there is nothing more dangerous than putting a totalitarian, communist regime at the head of this new order- a regime, that for decades, has repressed all individual freedoms and disappeared and murdered its own citizens.

In terms of numbers, China alone has almost three times as many inhabitants as all of Latin America, and not even the United States and Canada can come close to the number of inhabitants of the Asian giant. This is not a minor detail considering the Chinese Communist Party’s aspirations for domination.

If there is any distance to be practiced, it is with China. Western nations must immediately begin to practice social, economic, and diplomatic distancing from the communist regime because tomorrow may be too late.

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