Why It’s Time to Close The Guaido Chapter in Venezuela

How long do we have to wait? How long do we have to deal with pacts and negotiations? How long do people starve and stampede their way out of the country?

Guaido’s speech and messages are completely out of touch with the reality of the country and Venezuelans (EFE).

Spanish – Too many blunders, too many naiveties, too many concessions to a murderous tyranny. It’s too much of everything. Too much humiliation, death. It is painful to continue looking for bridges of union and friendly exits with those who massacre us daily in the streets and in our own homes.

Too much outrage prevails in the country. And those who were put in charge by a pact of parties are not successfully resolving the situation. The interim administration has failed to nobly defend the interests of a population violated and fed up with all the suffering. They have spent ten months polishing the shoes of Chavismo, answering their calls with commendable obedience, and facilitating their comfortable stay at the Miraflores resort.

We can’t go on like this; we can’t! Enough is enough! How long must we be patient? How long must we wait? How long must we deal with pacts and negotiations? How long will people die of hunger and stampede their way out of the country? What kind of progress do the disconnected deputies talk about? How do they refer to elections as a solution when they have a gang of drug-trafficking murderers in front of them? Where is the leader of the legislators? Where is he?

South America has been on fire for the last few weeks. The entire region is being slashed and attacked from Havana headquarters. Santiago de Chile and Quito have been destroyed. In Chile, they are now asking for a constituent charter to impose a socialist Magna Carta. In Bolivia, Evo Morales surpassed the constitution and the people to become president for a fourth term. And in Argentina, one of Guaido’s principal allies lost to the candidate of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Maduro’s ally. While all these events are happening across the continent, the election results in Argentina, the interim president tweeted that tourism had to be recovered in Venezuela. That was his response to the regional fire: we must recover tourism in Venezuela.

Early the next morning, he went out, and foolishly said that the tyrannical regime of Maduro, I quote, “has been defeated, isolated, and left alone.” Is Maduro defeated, isolated, and left alone? Where, when, in what universe is Maduro defeated? Is the president of the National Assembly sane? How does Guaido intend to sell to the Venezuelans the story that Maduro is defeated and isolated? Does he not see what is happening in the region? Aren’t you aware that more than 100 countries supported him by appointing him as a member of the Human Rights Council at the UN? Didn’t you read, didn’t you hear, did no one tell you that Diosdado Cabello announced that the Sao Paulo Forum would meet again? Haven’t you seen how they set fire to the capital of Chile? In what world, where have they been stopped?

Now they have come out to say that they are going to appoint a new National Electoral Council (CNE). A new council at this point, for what? Can elections be held with a lot of Mafiosi? Haven’t you heard the Venezuelans, the countries of the region, and the U.S. officials say on numerous occasions that “‘transparent elections can’t be held” with Chavismo in power? Moreover, what happened now? Why didn’t they do it then, three years ago? What prevented them from doing so?

Now that Guaido thinks that the solution is a new CNE, I want to ask him why he gave in to tyranny three years ago. He asked for a formal extension before the National Assembly because of the dialogue with Chavismo, which allowed the dictatorship to delay the process to avoid appointing the new governors? Why were the legislators who did not present themselves to form the quorum and appoint the governors not expelled from the coalition? Why were the parties that were unwilling to nominate the new CNE not even sanctioned? Why did Henry Ramos Allup, as president of the Parliament and yourself, Juan Guaido, as president of the Committee of Electoral Nominations of the National Assembly, not try to make the appointment later? Why did they close the National Assembly and go on vacation without having made the appointments? Why did they leave everything to the last minute? Why wait now, three years, to get the letter back from the governors? Why do they continue mocking citizens?

Venezuelans have already suffered too many abuses and tragedies to continue waiting for you and your political interests. The urgency of Venezuelans is not that Popular Will or Democratic Action remains in power after Maduro. The pressing concern is that the murderers need to leave power, go to jail, pay for their crimes. People want to return to the country, begin to rebuild it, and once, when the institutions recover sufficiently, convene truly free elections that will allow all of us to choose the future of Venezuela.

Enough! Enough of pursuing your own interests! You can continue playing with the Venezuelan tragedy, receiving resources in the name of the crisis, and traveling the world with the parties of foreign governments. You can continue to pay lip service at every place you go, but don’t doubt that Venezuelans know very well what you are doing. Do not think that the country has not realized that you have played with our freedom to favor yourselves. And you know it!

The repudiation is there, and it won’t go away, because people are fed up with them negotiating with dictatorship, while Venezuelans continue to die. You wanted to favor yourselves in a transition and prolong this hell. So what you did was to win the condemnation of a country that used to support you. And that will be your cross, that will be your karma, because you had the opportunity to fulfill the established steps, emerge from the dictatorship, and be heroes, and then allow the Venezuelans to decide. Instead, you decided that you “didn’t want to lose the limelight,” as Gilbert Caro said. You continued with your retrograde and stupid ideas, repeating in private meetings that “if the gringos came here, we would lose our sovereignty.” What sovereignty? Do you know how long we haven’t been a sovereign country? Do you know that the oil in Venezuela no longer belongs to us? Do you know that we owe China and Russia everything? Do you know that Cubans manage the armed forces from top to bottom? Do you know that the Colombian guerrillas are the owners of Bolivar’s gold? What the fuck are you talking about? In what universe, in what reality do you live?

It is time to end this chapter because we Venezuelans have been asking you for months to rectify, to do the right thing for the country, to put the interests of millions of people before your own, and you did not want to listen.

It’s time for a change! We Venezuelans deserve to be free; we deserve the opportunity to embrace our families again, to return to our homes, and recover our lost homeland.

From now on, Venezuelans must enforce the agreement signed in January 2016, where minorities will take over the presidency of the National Assembly for the fifth year. Guaido didn’t do it; he let the train pass. He will be remembered in Venezuelan history as the second Capriles, but much worse, because he wasted the most exceptional international and national support that any Venezuelan has had against Chavismo. Now we must allow the minorities in Parliament who do represent the feelings of Venezuelans, who agree with foreign intervention, and who will advocate for receiving the help we really need to end this aberrant and perennial agony.

And no, it won’t be easy; it won’t be simple; we will have to start from scratch. The international lobby will have to be reactivated, the discourse of regional threats will have to be increased, and the need to forcefully defeat tyranny will have to be explained time and time again. We know very well that it is not like ordering pizza as Henry Ramos Allup and other Members have said in a derogatory manner to ridicule the military option. It will not be easy; it will not be in two days, but the later we start, the worse it will be, and, in the end, when we achieve our objective, I am sure it will be worth the work.

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