As Mexico Struggles with Earthquake Relief, Authorities Urge Volunteers to Lend a Hand

La Presidencia de México ha hecho llamado a los ciudadanos que puedan sumarse a las operaciones de rescate para apoyar a los cuerpos oficiales. (Twitter)
The president of Mexico has called on citizens to join rescue operations and support official entities. (Twitter)

EspañolAuthorities in Mexico City issued a statement this Tuesday, September 20 urging people to volunteer with earthquake rescue operations if possible.

The statement said those who are willing to answer the call should refer to the Medical Emergency Rescue Squadron of the Public Security Secretariat located in the heart of the Mexican capital.

President Enrique Peña Nieto and his administration said people can also contact the Red Cross for assistance dialing the national emergency number 911, or the firefighter line 068. The police number is 060.

If you, or someone around you need help, don’t hesitate to call the the emergency lines.  

In order to provide an efficient method for finding people, Google activated a location service that allows users to quickly obtain information about missing loved ones.

Facebook also activated an application called Safety Check, through which people in affected areas can let friends know they are safe.

If you were effected, or injured, please help us by filling out this questionnaire. 

As for government organizations providing other types of assistance, Locatel is updating a list of people hospitalized in Mexico City who have been injured by the earthquake.

President Nieto is also reportedly working on establishing various ways of sharing the extent and details of damage caused by the 7.0-magnitude earthquake, so that the public can check to see how they were effected. Authorities at different levels of government have made use of social media to keep the population informed of these different efforts and also to publicize designated checkpoints for seeking help.

Sources: Animal Político, El Economista.

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