Mexican Leftist Candidate AMLO Seeks Alliance to Change Country’s Economic Model

Mexican Leftist Candidate AMLO
Martinez said she and AMLO talked about achieving unity on the left ahead of the presidential elections in 2018. The meeting lasted around two hours, according to Martinez. (Facebook)

Español Ifigenia Martinez, the Founder of Mexico’s leftist Democratic Revolution Party, met with presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador of the National Regeneration Movement to discuss an “urgent need to change the economic model that has impoverished more than 50 million Mexicans.”

The meeting took place in the office of López Obrador, commonly known in Mexico as AMLO. Martinez said the two of them talked about “politics and economics” in the context of achieving unity on the left ahead of the presidential elections in 2018. The meeting lasted around two hours, according to Martinez.

“My first impression of AMLO was very positive,” she said, “because he is not closed to continuing dialogues with the purpose of establishing a great leftist front that will allow us to win the Mexican Presidency in 2018.”

Martinez made sure to clear up some misconceptions about AMLO’s reputation as a negotiator and politician:

“It is absolutely false that AMLO is closed to dialogue with leaders of the left, or that he wants nothing to do with the current leadership of the Democratic Revolution Party, because he says that they have already folded to National Action and are forming a front, whose only goal is to clear the way for (a win in) 2018.”

Martinez said she was satisfied with the meeting, and anticipated more meetings with leading leftist figures in Mexico that in the coming days.

Senator Raul Morón recently announced the formation of committees within the Democratic Revolution Party to support the presidential nomination of AMLO, stating that if the national leadership of his party does not disregard the conservative National Action Party, they will be left behind because “75 percent of the Democratic Revolution Party militancy favors a leftist alliance and sees AMLO as their leader.”

Source: El Financiero

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