Guatemalan Army Acknowledges There Are Gang Members Among Its Ranks

“We are aware of a lack of filters in the recruitment of personnel, which is improving,” an official¬†said. (Youtube)

Espa√ĪolGuatemala’s gang problem may be permeating the country’s army thanks¬†in part to a lack of proper background security checks.

This week, Defense Secretary Luis Angel Sierra admitted it’s a legitimate problem currently being addressed.¬†There are, he claimed, gang leaders in the armed forces due to a failure to create¬†proper security clearance standards.

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“We are aware of a lack of filters in the recruitment of personnel, which¬†is improving,” Angel said.


His¬†statements come after a member of the Guatemalan army, Luis √Āngel Sierra, was discovered to be a member of a gang last week.

An investigation revealed that √Āngel was a trusted collaborator with leaders of¬†a criminal group, who are currently detained at a detention center in the country’s capital, Guatemala City.¬†√Āngel was allegedly assigned to distribute firearms, ammunition and grenades to hitmen on the streets.

Another case involved a soldier named Osman Esmailyn Caal, whose social media accounts displayed both his involvement in the Guatemalan army as well as a gang.

Despite these recent controversies, Secretary Sierra said that the percentage of army personnel who are also involved in gangs is low overall.

Fuente: Guatevisión

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