“Castro’s Wikipedia” Removed an Article that Labeled Homosexuality a Perversion

The article about homosexuality was removed from the “Castro version” of Wikipedia after multiple complaints considered it an “act of homophobia” (IPS).


After several representatives of the LGBTI community in Cuba complained about an article published in the collaborative encyclopedia EcuRed in which homosexuality was described as a “sexual deviance or perversion,” it was removed from the platform.

In the text of the Cuban version of Wikipedia, we touched on the topic of Sexual Legal Medicine in which Cuba’s health authorities consider homosexuality as a “morbid change in the instinct for the conservation of the species” and also deems homosexuality as one of the most relevant “deviations” and “aberrations”.

The platform managed by the Cuban regime defines itself as a “collaborative encyclopedia that offers internet users an interactive space to publish open content. It aims to accumulate, promote, and develop knowledge from a decolonizing point of view and the aspiration of its policies is to achieve, through collective work, more thoroughness in its content.”

However, with regard to this content, the entry does not conform to what bodies such as the World Health Organization publish, since homosexuality has been considered a topic of sexual orientation and not an issue related to psychology.


Within the policies of EcuRed, it is stated that “articles should be written in an objective way. This encyclopedia is not a forum for discussion, but a virtual space to exchange reliable knowledge on fundamental topics”, however this again does not coincide with the treatment that was given to the subject of homosexuality since, according to independent media on the island, it had “homophobic nuances, when Cuba presumes a constant struggle for respect for diversity and the right to free sexual orientation” concludes a note published in Cubanet.

Longtime dictator Fidel Castro established forced labor camps for homosexuals in Cuba, deeming them enemies of the revolution.

Source: Cubanet

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