New Cuban Documentary Highlights Struggles of Political Prisoners’ Families

Cuban Documentary
The creator of “Political Prisoners in Cuba. Avatars of the family” documented testimonies of relavites of Cuban dissidents. (24Horas)

EspañolA short documentary was shown this Thursday in Miami to raise awareness of struggles of the residents on neighboring Cuba.

The 29-minute “Political Prisoners in Cuba, Avatars of the Family,” directed by Orlando Rodríguez Lobaina, aimed to highlight and denounce the isolation and social exclusion of Cuban dissidents often suffering and in prison on the island. are prisoners on the island suffer from.

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The filmmaker said all the cases shown in the film come down to a common denominator: the nightmare suffered by a family when one of its members is arrested by the Cuban regime.

The documentary was presented at Casa Bacardi/Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies, where Rodríguez spoke about his own experience as a former political prisoner and how it has made him a “nuissance” for the regime.

“I have been in the struggle for 20 years and my son, who is nine years old, has a file at school that says his father opposes the regime. They say I’m the worst and sow the seed of hatred,” the filmmaker said. “Not only is the dissident arrested, but  the family suffers, as they have to live under permanent offenses, attacks and exclusion from their neighbors.”


The movie shows young wives, mothers, children and relatives of arrested Cuban dissidents. The interviewees talk about their experiences, as well as the abuse they suffer, such as having eggs  stones and pig feces thrown at them.

According to Rodríguez, all these acts of harassment and intimidation are a “powerful repressive machinery of the regime that buys parties and signatures in the international context while silencing the abuses it perpetrates against opponents of the Castro regime.”

Source: Cubanet

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