Mayor of Mexican City Demands Stricter Sanctions against Deported Immigrants

Mayor of Mexican City Demands Stricter Sanctions
Mayor Ysmael López said immigrants should be reincorporated into society, but the safety of local inhabitants should also be protected first. (Mundo Violento)

EspañolOne mayor in Mexico is asking for tighter immigration restrictions in his town.

Ysmael Lopez García, Mayor of San Francisco del Rincón in Guanajuato, asked his local congress to reform the penal code in order to tighten penalties against immigrants who reach the state as a result of the United States government’s deportation of illegal immigrants.

The request was made during a Financial Liaison Board meeting organized by the state of Guanajuato’s congress, where the main topic was the complex economic situation that the area could face should US President Donald Trump‘s commercial and immigration policies come to fruition.

“Since not everyone who will arrive is a hardworking person, it is very important to emphasize that the current legal framework requires adaptation in criminal matters,” the meeting’s records read, “to achieve a better application of the law that will make the rules clearer and above all more punishable against crime in all areas and levels.”


Lopez García said his municipality is the first that comes into contact with immigrants who reach Guanajuato, which is why it is necessary to provide support for reincorporating them into society while also ensuring the city’s residents are taken care of.

“Being sensitive to the conditions in which our countrymen will return, it is important to join forces, to put together a common front in different government roles,” he said. “The powers of the state, and of course the community itself to reincorporate our immigrants into a social and productive lifestyle.”

The mayor also stressed: “We will work to ensure the safety of citizens and not to misguidedly provide guarantees for criminals.”

Source: Sin Embargo

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