Macri Expresses Solidarity with Mexican Immigrants While He Expels Migrants from Argentina

By: Elena Toledo - @NenaToledo - Feb 7, 2017, 6:56 pm
Argentina’s president highlighted how important it is for his country to have a solid relationship with Mexico.(Sputnik)


On Monday Mexico and Argentina’s presidents had a telephone conversation in which Enrique Peña Nieto thanked his colleague Mauricio Macri for his solidarity with the Aztec nation and pointed out how important it is for Mexico to have a strong bilateral relationship with the South American nation.

The Foreign Affairs Secretary (SRE) indicated that Mauricio Macri called Peña Nieto to highlight both nations’ strong relationship. During the conversation, the Argentine president expressed the solidarity that his country has with Mexico in view of the recent stance adopted by the American government since Donald Trump came to power.

Mexico’s chancellery assured that the conversation between both presidents highlighted the positive features of the relationship, as well as the deepness of their ties.

The Mexican chancellery stated that, “They made reference to the commercial negotiations between both countries and confirmed their interest in continuing to negotiate a bilateral agreement that would allow them to deepen their ties and expand free trade.”


The contradiction with Macri’s anti-immigrant policies

While Argentina’s president claims solidarity with Mexico in its immigration dispute with the United States, his administration has made it more difficult for people who intend to migrate to that South American country and has made it easier to deport illegal immigrants in Argentina.

Macri’s executive order has been criticized, with opponents deeming it xenophobic, and comparing it to measures taken by President Donald Trump in the United States.

Patricia Bullrich, Security Minister, said that it was not true that a wall would be built between Bolivia and Argentina; while vice-president Gabriela Michetti indicated that their idea is the “opposite of Trump’s”. However, she later stated that it is a matter of “protectionism”; this idea was supported by Sergio Massa, leader of Frente Renovador (Renewing Front), who stated that “foreigners who commit crimes should be expelled”.

This law will be published on Tuesday in the Official Bulletin. It will make the control of background checks stricter with the purpose of preventing the entry of terrorists into Argentina, as well as strengthening surveillance on the country’s borders.

“Our problem with the border is not the people. We do not have a problem with immigration, we have a problem with drug trafficking and contraband”, confirmed Bullrich, who also added, “the way to expel foreigners who enter quickly and commit crimes related to drug smuggling activities is the same as imprisoning an Argentinian who commits the same crime, quickly.”

Vice-president Michetti stated that “it is important to distinguish between measures that are inherent to our security, while also remembering that Argentina is an open country that will always be in favor of diversity.”

Sources: El Universal, Página 12

Elena Toledo Elena Toledo

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697 Cases of Immigrant Abuse Are Under Investigation in Mexico

By: Elena Toledo - @NenaToledo - Feb 7, 2017, 6:24 pm
Mexico Immigrant Abuse

Español Five years ago, the General Procurator of the Republic (PGR), the equivalent of the Attorney General in other countries, began 697 pretrial investigations, as well as investigation files for crimes committed against immigrants in Mexico in which government and federal authorities may be involved. Among the main crimes that are under investigation by the the PGR are kidnapping, battery, forced entry, illegal detention, illegal immigrant trafficking, as well as labor exploitation. Authorities from San Luis Potosi, Veracruz, Chiapas, Ciudad Juarez, Tabasco and Mexico City, who are allegely involved in crimes related to the misuse of authority, have also been under investigation. Read more: Mexico's Own Immigration Problem Surfaces in Tourist Hotspot Cancun Read more: Protests Continue in Mexico in Response to Deregulated Gas Prices Several public officials from the National Immigration Institute (INM) were under investigation for extorsion, embezzelment, bribery, as well as members of the justice administration for abuse of authority, sexual harassment, and aggravated rape, according to reports from the Mexican newspaper El Universal. One of the most serious cases that the Attorney General is investigating is the forced disappearance of an immigrant that was allegedly perpetrated by a member of the INM in 2016. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1459522593195-0'); });   For their part, the PGR's Human Rights Assistant Attorney in the Crime Investigation Unit for Immigrants, indicated that between 2012 and 2016 128 pretrial investigations took place, as well as the establishment of 87 investigation files for crimes against immigrants in the country. In connection with this, the General Direction of Attention and Follow  up on Recommendations and Conciliations in  Human Rights Matters, pointed out that their were six pretrial investigations in its records for illict acts in San Luis Potosí, Veracruz, Chiapas, Ciudad Juárez, Tabasco and México City. The consulates that send the most cases to the  PGR are from Colombia, Brasil, Ecuador and Honduras, regarding Human Rights abuses, as well as violence against women and human trafficking. Source: Milenio

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