Mexico’s Oil Company Defends Higher Gas Prices, Claims Inflation Due to Other Factors

By: Elena Toledo - @NenaToledo - Jan 9, 2017, 11:20 am
Mexico's Oil Company defends higher gas prices
José Antonio González General Director of Pemex (Vanguardia).

EspañolThe increase in gasoline prices in Mexico does not explain the increase in basic living expenses, according to General Director of Pemex José Antonio González Anaya in an interview with Milenio

Fuel expenses are deductible when it comes to cargo shipment, he said, meaning that the cost of products should not be effected. On the other hand, he did say gasoline is not the only factor in the price of transportation, so there could be other reasons that the price of basic living expenses are going up.


Nevertheless, the rise in gasoline prices — caused by deregulation of gasoline in the country — has been a serious issue alone for many families across Mexico, to the point that protests against it have turned violent over the last weeks.

“We called on the population, the political forces, organizations, not to take Pemex facilities,” González Anaya said, “because a price problem is going to turn into one of gasoline supply.”

The finance ministry’s decision — which was endorsed by the Chamber of Deputies — regarding the deregulation of gasoline was a responsible one, with the true interest in keeping Mexico’s economy stable, Anaya said.

“It is a difficult measure. As the President of the Republic has said, it is not pleasant, but it is responsible, it is what has to be done — one reason being the price of oil and, hence, gasoline” he said.

“If we continue to hold an “artificial price,” the measures that would have been taken would have led to more indebtedness or increased taxes on other products,” said Pemex’s director.

He said the alternative would have been debt, and cited the crisis the country went through in the 1980s when there was inflation caused by fixed, artificial prices.

Anaya said though Mexico produces crude oil, it does not mean that fuel will be free, since “the only thing that has to happen is that the product is cheaper where the infrastructure is available,” he said.

Source: Milenio

Elena Toledo Elena Toledo

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Maduro Creates “Anti-Coup Committee” in Venezuela amid Impeachment Efforts

By: Sabrina Martín - @SabrinaMartinR - Jan 9, 2017, 9:11 am

EspañolVenezuela President Nicolás Maduro continues to seek out alleged coups against his administration, having just announced the creation of a new anti-treason committee. Maduro appointed Executive Vice President Tareck El Aissami as the new head of the "National Anti-coup Command" on Sunday, January 8, with other members of the group set to be sworn in on Tuesday, January 10. Maduro again threatened the opposition, especially new President of the National Assembly Julio Borges. Read More: American Ex-Diplomats Ask Trump to End Obama’s Appeasement of Cuba Read More: Fidel Castro May be Gone, but Socialism in Cuba Is Alive as Ever Borges said he will defeat Maduro in a way that Henry Ramos Allup, the previous President of the National Assembly, did. "I am going to delegate the battle against coup d'état to a special anti-coup command for peace and sovereignty," Maduro said. "(They will) devote 24 hours a day to taking preventive, legal and corrective measures against all internal coup and terrorist sectors." He explained that the command will attend to alleged coup plans that are political, economic and at all levels of governance. Subcommands will reportedly be created in all the states of Venezuela with the participation of the Armed Forces, the police forces and the central government. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1459522593195-0'); });   The Anti-coup Command will be composed of Minister of the Office of the President El Aissami, Defense Minister Carmen Meléndez, Deputy to the National Assembly Vladimir Padrino Lopez and Minister of People's Power for Interior Relations Diosdado Cabello. Director of the Political Police Sebin Gustavo González, General Commander of the Bolivarian Militia César Vega and General Director of the Bolivarian National Police Franklin García Duque are also involved. Source: El Estímulo; Sumarium

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