Six Decapitated Heads Found in Mexico on Christmas Day

Six Decapitated Heads
Six heads were found nearly one year after two others were found in the same municipality. (La Patilla)

EspañolSix decapitated heads were found in Mexico on Christmas day, in the municipality of La Piedad.

Officials in the Attorney General’s Office said the heads were found at approximately 8:30 a.m., and that the crime was most likely carried out by organized crime cells operating in the area.

The victims have not yet been identified, the crime report said. The heads were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service for analysis.

The Ministry of Public Security has reportedly expanded the investigation. Police Chief Juan Bernardo Corona said to expect driving checkpoints that include physical searches and criminal background checks.


The representative of the police institution also stated that the extra police involved in the search began as soon as the human remains were found and noted that security was heightened at the border of the state of Jalisco.

A similar crime was reported last December 2, when two human heads were found.

Source: Proceso

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